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Can Obama-Era Popularity Give Deval Patrick Edge in the US Elections?

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Just when it looked like Democratic presidential candidates were losing hope to carry on their fight for the 2020 US presidential elections, first the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and now the former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick announced to run for presidency.

Last year, Patrick decided not to run for the coveted position, citing the “cruelty of our (US) elections process.” However, other major stakeholders in the Democratic party were drawn to compete for the US Presidential elections. The list includes the likes of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris and many more.

Deval Patrick has a huge task ahead of him, but his Obama-era popularity can still earn him huge numbers. However, bigger than fame is the challenge posed by fund-raising, which is one of the most important things for a successful presidential bid.

“He’s coming in awfully late to this campaign and he’s going to need to pull together $20 to $25 million pretty quickly to be a serious candidate,” said Steve Westly, a former California state controller and top Obama donor who is backing Mr. Biden. “It’s an uphill climb, but I think everybody is looking to see new blood in the Democratic Party and we welcome him to the race,” he added.

Besides, as per the Wall Street Journal analysis of Federal Election Commission records, more than 130 major bundlers for the former president Barack Obama, have already allocated the maximum resources to Joe Biden, who is favorite amongst candidates to compete against President Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, for Patrick to re-establish confidence in his believers, he must quickly look to rebuild his diminished ties, besides presenting bids that aim to strike a big difference than his Democratic opponents.

Patrick filed the papers on Thursday in Concord, to register his name on ballot in the first-in-the-nation primary after announcing to run for the presidency. The 63-year-old also reportedly reached out to the former president to inform about the decision, a person close to Obama said.

Patrick backed Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign and received help from the future president two years later in his 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Moreover, in 2007, Patrick also endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton in the presidential primaries. Indicating a strong liking and a great bond that two share.

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