February 3, 2023

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Canada: Bree duo woke up from coma – and his fiance is already a new girl – News Abroad

“I was confused, I was scared, I cried every day.” Bree Duval describes his emotional state after calling his fiance, who was in the hospital five months later – to find out if he had left her for another woman.

Dowell, 25, of Australia, lives in Canada.

He suffered multiple fractures, a traumatic brain injury and was taken to a hospital, where he was placed on life support in the intensive care unit. Doctors gave her only a 10 percent chance of survival. To help recover, she was placed in a coma.

Two years after the incident, Bree went public with the story – he was finally able to execute the relationship as he told himself.Photo: Free Towel / Facebook

His parents refused to allow doctors to stop life support, and within three weeks he showed signs of improvement. Luckily she woke up three months later.

But she suffered from amnesia and had not remembered her previous life, including her fiance, for two months. Then, five months after the accident, she began to reminisce about her life before the coma, and for four years tried to call her fianc – she saw him leave her. He has blocked her on all social media to prevent them from contacting again.

Told the British newspaper “Glass”: “I was about to open my phone and send him a message, a message came from this woman that she is dating him now. Please stop contacting him.

Two years later, she says she is even more shocked that her ex-husband completely destroyed her from her life.

Brie has moved back to Australia to stay close with her friends and family. His story went viral on TikTok, where he called himself “HotComaGirl113” – after playing the lead role in the Netflix movie Senior Year.

The film revolves around a teenage girl who ends up in a coma 20 years after a cheerleading accident at the age of 17.

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