December 10, 2022

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Canada: Deadly heat wave – wildfire destroys almost the entire area – News Abroad

For days, the Canadian city of Lytton was always making headlines with new heat records – and now the hell of flames has completely destroyed the community!

In a very short time, the small town was engulfed in flames. Canadian MP Brad Wise announced Thursday that 90 percent of Lytton, including the entire city center, had been burned. More than 1000 people had to leave in a hurry.

Burning forests in the mountains north of LyttonPhoto: Daryl Dick / DPA

He saw white smoke on the southern edge of the city, and 15 to 20 minutes later the flames hit the entire city, Mayor John Boulderman said. Photos and videos showed completely burnt lines of houses and streets. Initially there were no official statistics on the victims. Electricity and telephone connections were cut off in several places. People fled to more distant places in all directions.

Lytton, about 260 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, had recorded three consecutive days of heat before the blaze on Wednesday evening (local time).

According to the Meteorological Agency, the thermometer showed 49.6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada. Authorities said Thursday that the 65-square-kilometer fire was “out of control.” The weather is still dry, hot and windy.

In other parts of the Canadian province of British Columbia, dozens of wildfires erupted within 24 hours, resulting in several lightning strikes.

In the greater Vancouver area alone, authorities recorded 134 sudden deaths due to heatwave between Friday and Wednesday. In the province of British Columbia, 486 deaths were reported, while the provincial chief forensic pathologist reported an average of 165 deaths.

Violence is further exacerbated by hot and dry weather with violent winds California Fire condition. In the north of the most populous US state, more than a thousand firefighters battled three major wildfires on Thursday. A fire near the village of Weed has spread over 80 square kilometers.

Several thousand people were asked to leave their homes in the danger zone. Despite a large-scale operation by the fire brigade that lasted several days, the flames were only 25 percent on Thursday.

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