December 10, 2022

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Canaries: Great risk after volcanic eruption – the proposal causes outrage


Natural disaster

Canaries: The danger after a volcanic eruption has not yet been avoided

Volcanic eruption on La Palma, Canary Island:

Photo: Europa Press / Europa Press / DPA

Gumbre Viza volcano erupts in the Canary Islands. There have already been warnings of a catastrophe in the last few days.


  • Gumbre Viza volcano erupts in La Palma in the Canary Islands
  • Pictures show lava rolling down the slopes and destroying hundreds of homes
  • The danger has not yet been averted, and the eruption is having repercussions for vacationers as well

At 3:12 pm (December 16, Central European time) the craters began Sunday Canary IslandPalm To emit fire. People in the Southwest first heard this Spain Joining the holiday island is a huge explosion. In many places the earth was torn in the mountains Old Summit (Old Summit). Rocks flew from the openings. Since then, the glowing liquid magma has come out of several craters and flowed from the mountain to the sea.

The eruption of the Gumbre Viza volcano destroyed about a hundred houses. Authorities announced Monday that 5,500 people need to be brought to safety. Meanwhile, Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto was outraged with the suggestion that “amazing scenery” could be turned into a “tourist attraction”.

The Explosion La Palma declared itself in the days of small earthquakes. A total of more than 25,000 tremors were detected last week. The most violent Sunday morning recorded 3.8 on the Richter scale and was noticeable across the island. The Central areas The tremor has always been in the south and southwest of the island and has recently come closer and closer to the Earth’s surface.

Warning days in La Palma

The southern part of the island is home to the cities of Los Lanos de Ariden, El Paso, Maso and Fuencaliente. 35,000 people live there. Is overall Palm 84,000 residents. Every year the Volcanic Island, Which is considered a natural paradise, with hundreds of thousands of vacationers. Now even in September there are many holiday guests on the island, which is especially popular among mountaineers. Most of the visitors are Germans, they traditionally represent the largest group of holidaymakers in La Palma.

Of Volcanic eruption In the uninhabited area of ​​Gumbre Vijaya, the hill at an altitude of about 1000 meters is called Kabosa de Waqqa (cow’s head). The affected area belongs to the municipality of El Paso, which has a population of 8000 and has a large population Ferian Hotels Lie. In the afternoon, more and more volcanic craters opened. Officers were counting in the evening Seven grooves. The most active volcanic mountain range in the Canary Islands is Gumbre Viza. The last eruption lasted several weeks 50 years ago.

Thousands flee the ash rain and glowing hot volcanic eruption

On Sunday evening, the danger came mainly from many Lavastraman It leaned on the hillside and moved towards the populated area and could also reach parts of the place called Los Lanos de Ariden. The red-hot, viscous mass, in which the temperature was measured up to 1000 degrees, was placed on the way to the sea with some parts of the surrounding pine forest. Brand. A dense mushroom cloud stood over the island. Gray rain also fell on land miles away from the volcanic craters.

According to officials, the volcano burned and destroyed hundreds of homes on the Spanish Canary Islands. In the village of El Paso alone, at least 20 homes were destroyed, the mayor said Monday. The volcano now flows southwest from the volcanic chain.

“We currently have 5,000 evacuees and about 100 dilapidated houses,” Lorena Hernandez, a local politician in charge of public safety at the Los Lanos de Aridan city council, told the AFP news agency on Monday. Elva Paso’s mayor, Sergio Rodriguez, told TVE that “the volcano destroyed everything in its path”. The villagers cannot return to their homes for long. Angel Vector Torres, head of the Canaries Regional Government, insisted that the “best news” so far was not casualties. The volcanic eruption in the sparsely populated area was “lucky”.

Authorities called on the islanders to be “very careful” as about 5,000 people had to leave their homes as a precaution. Many streets had to be closed. This includes vacationers who have to leave their dormitories. People were housed on the beach, outside the danger zone, in emergency shelters and sports halls. People in the south of the island were called in a few days ago to prepare for evacuation. On Sunday after the eruption, the maximum alarm was triggered in the southern part of the island.

Holidaymakers should be quiet

Officials asked Vacationers And people all over the island need to be quiet. She should focus on the news, no Volcanic area Attitude. Still, hundreds tried on Sunday afternoon The audienceReach the groove zone by car. This was not only dangerous, but also a hindrance to emergency services. Prolonged traffic congestion on several roads in the volcanic area. “Please don’t come to the valleys,” Island leader Mariano Sabada warned in the evening. When the last volcano erupted in Cumbria Vijaya in 1971, two visitors died of smoke inhalation.

Massive explosions are likely in the next few days Air travel To Holiday IslandOn the West African coast in the Atlantic. Spanish airline officials have advised airlines to temporarily suspend flights to the airport in Santa Cruz de la Palma, east of the island. Mainly because Smoke and gray cloudsIt spread throughout the island. However, the ban has not yet been imposed, so the decision on cancellation rests with the airlines. So passengers should contact their airline before starting their journey. Read here: Aviation in the Canaries after the eruption – Vacationers need to know that.

Head of Regional Government of All Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres did not want the cloth to predict how the volcanic eruption would occur on Sunday evening. “We have to wait,” he said. “We hope the damage will be minimal.

Spanish Tourism Minister Maroto was outraged on Monday when he suggested turning the volcanic eruption into a tourist destination. From the “wonderful scenery” that La Palma brought, “a lot of tourists can benefit,” said Colonel Suril, a socialist politician at the astronomical station. Conservative parties in particular have been harshly critical of the plan. Maroto was then forced to weaken his statements and declared: “Today we stand on the side of the victims, the victims”.

Many residents are afraid of their possessions. “At the moment we are watching the news, the volcano is only 700 meters from our house,” Angie Sox fled with her husband and three-year-old son. “The police gave us three minutes to get our stuff.”

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