December 10, 2022

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Capital struck: “The matter has gone too far.” – Politics

When you speak to the average Republican on January 6, 2021, the day angry Trump supporters seize the Washington Capital, the outrage is usually far less. Two-thirds of party supporters, 66 percent According to a recent poll, Do not believe that the attack on the parliament was an attack on the US government. Four-fifths of the Republicans, 77 percent, believe their former president, Donald Trump, had little or no responsibility for the outbreak of violence.

This sober view of an event is viewed by other viewers as an insurrection or a coup attempt, which has a lot to do with the average Republican media consumption. In short, the TV shows he watches on his Facebook and Twitter accounts keep telling him that the January 6 election is a legitimate struggle of the so-called patriots. A few extremists would have rioted, so the explanation. There was “a lot of love in the air” that day, which personally provoked Donald Trump on a show a few days ago.

However, this friendly interpretation can prove to be a myth and is intertwined by those who spread it. On Jan. 6, when patriots smashed Capitol’s windows, beat police, and hunted down MPs and senators, many in the inner circle around Trump knew what was really going on.

At least one can guess from the text messages received by then-Trump chief executive Mark Meadows on January 6, some of which have now been released by a parliamentary inquiry commission accused of clearing the storm in the Capitol. For example, there is a message from Laura Ingraham, a well-known, conservative Fox News presenter and Trump fan. “Mark, the President must tell those in the Capitol to go home,” he wrote to Meadows on January 6. “It hurts all of us.” Fox presenter Sean Hannity, a Trump confidant, texted Meadows: “Can he issue a statement? Tell people to leave the Capitol?”

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“He should immediately condemn this insult,” Trump Jr. wrote.

Even Donald Jr., Trump’s son, who today pretends to be a January 6 peace march and that the commission’s mission is a witch hunt for his father, wrote to the then – chief commander: “He must condemn this. Shit right away.” “I really put pressure on it. I agree,” Meadows replied. “We need a talk from the Oval Office,” Trump Jr. said. “It went a long way and went out of hand.” According to Republican MP Liz Cheney, who was outraged by Trump’s harsh criticism of Capital Storm and served on the commission of inquiry, the news only allows one conclusion: “The White House was well aware of what was happening in the Capitol, MPs, journalists and many others.” Wrote that an attack was taking place on Meadows.

However, such revelations cannot be expected to have significant political consequences. Republicans in Washington and elsewhere have shown little interest in actually examining Trump’s role as an insurgent on Jan. 6 or holding him accountable for it. Meadows, for example, handed over a set of text messages to the commission of inquiry but later announced that it did not want to cooperate with investigators. The House of Representatives will therefore take contempt action against him.

Many Republican supporters are unaware of this, as Trump hopefuls actually saw it on January 6th. Educational work is mainly reported in the left liberal press. Conservative media outlets such as Fox News criticize or ignore the commission. Sean Hannity, for example, had Mark Meadows as a guest on his Fox News show on Monday night. Since January 6 he has never addressed his anxious text message.

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