January 28, 2023

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Capitol Storm: American policeman dies of stroke

Status: 04/20/2021 8:31 am

The 42-year-old police officer collapsed after Trump supporters attacked Capitol. He died a day later. Forensic doctors have now discovered: the cause of death is cerebral palsy.

The police officer who was killed in January after the US Capitol storm has died of natural causes, according to an autopsy report. Official Brian Signick was not killed, but died of a double stroke, according to forensic medicine in Washington. The cause of death was cerebral palsy, which was induced by thrombosis at the base of the brain.

“No injuries”

A 42-hour police officer who attacked the US Congress building on January 6 by militant supporters of President-elect Donald Trump has collapsed for several hours. Died the next day. The first media reports said that Signic was attacked by a fire extinguisher. However, these statements were later found to be false.

He was then said to have been sprayed with a chemical like pepper spray or bear spray on his face. The execution report stated that Signic was sprayed with a chemical substance at 2 p.m. At 10pm he collapsed in the Capitol and was taken to hospital.

The autopsy report did not establish a link between spraying and signix collapse. Forensic pathologist Francisco Diaz told the Washington Post that there was no evidence of a spray allergy. The officer had no internal or external injuries. However, the doctor did not rule out that the events in Capitol may have contributed to the death of the police officer. Signic was among the officers who handled the mob, all of which played a role in his health, the drug said.

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The results of the report were accepted by the Capitol Police. “This does not change the fact that Official Cynic died while exercising his office and that he bravely defended Congress and Capitol,” the agency said.

Biden paid his final respects

Five people were killed in riots earlier this year. Sicknick died at the hospital the day after the attack. US President Joe Biden paid his last respects at a ceremony at Congress headquarters in Washington in February.

The FBI classifies the building storm as domestic terrorism. Congress should recognize US President Biden’s election victory on the day of the attack. Unwilling to admit his defeat, then-incumbent Trump immediately provoked his supporters with a belligerent speech in front of the White House.