December 6, 2022

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Cartoonist Kurt Westerkard dies at 86 – News

Mohammed’s cartoon provoked protests in many countries and eventually led to the bloody attack on the editors of the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris.

Westerkurt died of a long illness at the age of 86, his family told the Danish newspaper “Berlingske” on Sunday.

A Western cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad holding a bomb in his turban in the “Jilllands-Boston” newspaper led to a series of anti-Danish protests and violence in 2006 in a series of caricatures in several Muslim-majority countries. “Charlie Hebdo” printed the caricature in 2012 – three years after two Islamists killed twelve in an attack on the editorial staff of a satirical newspaper.

Westerkurt worked for “Zillands-Boston” since the mid-1980s. In the last years of his life, the draftsman was in police custody – like many others in printing the controversial Mohammed caricature.

In 2010, police arrested a man armed with a knife at his home in Westergard.

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