December 10, 2022

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CDU: Green European politician Rasmus Anderson criticizes Union European plans

Spiegel: Mr. Anderson, The CDU Wants a “more” formula for the world’s crises EuropeResist. Don’t you enthusiastically promote a black-and-green alliance?

Anderson: No. The formula is good, but there are no concrete steps behind it. Dedication Europe Is the empty promise.

Spiegel: The CDU openly welcomes the corona funding of the loan, which primarily benefits southern European countries. What more do you want?

Anderson: Conservatives demand that recovery funds be a one-time affair. You want to go back to the pre-Corona period in monetary policy. Greens, on the other hand, feel that deep European cooperation is needed to respond to future crises on a European basis. Last year, Ms Merkel was ready to respond to bold suggestions Emmanuel Macron Enter. Armin Lacet Not daring to take the next steps

Spiegel: The Greens once stood for sustainable monetary policy. However, as a result of the epidemic, the debt level will be around Italy Climb more than 150 percent of GDP Greece Before the euro crisis. Is it a solid budget policy?

Others: However, returning to the black zero policy is not an answer. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Europe, along with ruthless austerity policies, helped prolong the recession in southern Europe and increased youth unemployment. This should not be done again.

Spiegel: What do you recommend?

Anderson: We Greens want the EU to set monetary policy guidelines that take into account the different conditions in countries. The corona crisis shows the need to strengthen health systems in many EU countries. We need more public investment in green contracts and digitalization. Strict financial rules will not help.

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Spiegel: Clarify: You like it Germany Strong for credit in Italy or Spain To adhere to.

Anderson: No. We need more financial power in the EU, and for that we need them Federal Republic Do their part. German companies especially benefit from the currency union and the single market. That is why Germany must focus on European responsibilities that are beyond pure selfishness.

Spiegel: The only problem is that other member states are not ready for European solutions. France For example, there is a lot of talk about Europe, but it strongly rejects national capabilities Brussels Submit.

Anderson: We criticize this. We also want to hand over financial power to the European level. There should be a commission and parliament to better manage and monitor the allocation of reconstruction funds. But for this we need national governments moving in this direction. Lacet has other priorities.

Spiegel: From a European political point of view, do you want a red-red-green alliance to black-green?

Anderson: We handled S.P.D. Very common compared to CDU. With the left, however, it is unclear how it feels about the EU. It is important for us to know which parties are actively ready to go beyond the slogans to strengthen Europe.