December 10, 2022

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Ceasefire in the Middle East: loudly calling for a two-state solution

Status: 05/22/2021 12:44 p.m.

The Middle East ceasefire continues. But the question of a lasting solution to the conflict remains. According to US President Biden, the two-state solution is “the only answer.” Conflicting parties are negotiating again.

The ceasefire in the Gaza conflict survived the second night. Eleven days after the shelling from both sides, the agreement between the Israeli government and the radical Islamic Hamas, which came into force on Friday night, was suspended. Discussions are ongoing between the parties to coordinate it. Hamas report on Egyptian mediation in various media and negotiations citing Egyptian sources. So the teams are in Israel and the Palestinian territories, and aim to ensure long-term peace. According to the Cairo Foreign Ministry, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Sukri and his Israeli envoy, Kofi Ashkenazi, also spoke in support of a ceasefire.

For the people of Israel and the Gaza Strip, the beginning of the ceasefire path was back to normal. On the other hand, the path to lasting peace and avoiding the next war in a few years is not clearer than ever because the mood in both camps remains hot. Clashes broke out on Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon.

According to Palestinian rescue workers, 15 people were treated after police used rubber bullets. According to police, hundreds of youths had earlier hurled stones and firearms from the crowd. Hamas used such clashes as an opportunity to launch rockets into Jerusalem on May 10. As a result, Israel launched a massive bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian sources, at least 248 people were killed and 1910 wounded in the conflict in the Gaza Strip. In Israel, 12 people were killed and more than 300 were injured.

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Two state solution as “single answer”

According to US President Joe Biden, the Middle East conflict can only be resolved through a two-state solution, namely an independent Palestine with Israel. “That’s the only answer, the only answer,” Biden insisted. The EU again spoke in favor of the two states. “Restoring the political horizon for a two-state solution is crucial,” said Joseph Borel, its foreign envoy.

Biden insisted that Hamas was a terrorist organization. Nevertheless, in the public interest, the United States was committed to supporting the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through the Palestinian Authority with a “large aid package.” At the same time, he stressed that a lasting peace is possible only after all the actors in the region “recognize Israel’s right as an independent Jewish state.”

Internal Palestinian conflict

But Hamas denies it. The war that has now ended has strengthened the militant organization in the inter-Palestinian struggle with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is ready for talks in the West Bank. He has formally postponed for the first time in 15 years the first parliamentary elections in the Palestinian territories scheduled for late Saturday in April due to a dispute over voting in Jerusalem. Critics, on the other hand, accused him of trying to prevent Hamas from winning.

But Abbas believes that Israeli settlement policy in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem should create a Palestinian state, creating a two-state solution, which has been demanded since the mid-1970s and is more difficult.