December 5, 2022

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Ceasefire in the Middle East: Reconstruction in Gaza, Israel’s Threat

Status: 23.05.2021 12:08 p.m.

After the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the destruction in the Gaza Strip becomes clear. UN supports reconstruction However, Israel fears misuse of aid materials and threatens hardship.

In the wake of the temporary end to the violence between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas, efforts are now focused on strengthening the ceasefire and rebuilding the badly damaged Gaza Strip. According to the UN, about 1,000 homes have been destroyed and thousands of people are homeless.

US President Joe Biden has spoken out in support of a reconstruction funded by the international community.

The UN Security Council called on both sides to fully respect the ceasefire. This is the first time since the violence began that all members of the group have issued a statement.

The Security Council expressed its condolences to the victims of the violence. It has said that restoring peace in the Middle East is essential. The Security Council stressed the need for “a comprehensive peace process based on the vision of a region where the two democracies, Israel and Palestine, live peacefully with secure and recognized borders.”

Relief supplies in Gaza, the opening of the Temple Mount

As the Egyptian brokerage ceasefire continues, people in the Gaza Strip are trying to rebuild their daily lives amid the devastation. First aid with drugs, food and petrol came via the Israeli border crossing.

Officers began distributing tents, mattresses and blankets to those in need. The United Nations Emergency Relief Fund has released a total of $ 18.5 million for humanitarian aid.

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Fishermen were allowed to go back to sea; Cafes and shops reopened. Ministries and officials reopened, local government spokesman – civilian administration controlled by Islamic Hamas – in Gaza.

In Jerusalem, Temple Mount has reopened to Jewish visitors after being banned from entering for three weeks. The shrine was closed to Jews during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan due to fierce clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces. These conflicts are believed to be one of the triggers for the most recent conflict.

Rally for peaceful coexistence

In Tel Aviv, thousands of people protested for the peaceful coexistence of Jews and Arabs. Participants marched through the city, then gathered together in central Habima Square to listen to speeches by politicians and artists.

Ajman Odeh, the leader of the main Arab party in parliament, called for the establishment of a Palestinian state along with Israel. “There are two people here. Both deserve the right to self-determination,” he said.

The rally in Tel Aviv was one of several demonstrations in Israel demanding peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

248 in Gaza and 13 in Israel

Earlier, eleven days of fighting took place between Israel and militant Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 248 people, including 66 children and teenagers, were killed in Israeli attacks. 1910 suffered further injuries. On the other hand, the Israeli military talks about the more than 200 militant Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip and assures that their airstrikes are primarily aimed at attacking Hamas’ military capabilities.

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According to the Israeli military, Palestinian militants fired more than 4,360 rockets at Israel during the armed conflict. 680 of them attacked the Gaza Strip. Thirteen people were killed in attacks in Israel. The Israeli army advanced on more than 1,500 targets along the coast.

Israel fears Hamas weapons

Meanwhile, Israel is concerned that aid could be misused in coastal areas that have been blocked from restructuring Hamas, as it did after the last Gaza war in 2014. Israeli ministers reaffirmed that they would act harder than ever before for any attack from the Palestinian territories in the future.

Finance Minister Israeli Cutts told the 103FM radio station: “Any attack in the south includes targeting and killing Hamas leaders and firing at Hamas targets. So far, Israel has always feared a war and avoided taking the first step.

First public appearance by a Hamas leader

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken of “new rules” regarding Hamas since the ceasefire took effect. He warned that Israel would respond strongly to new rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, the ruling Hamas showed a force: hundreds of its fighters in military uniform marched through a mourning tent to a high-ranking general, Passem Issa, who was killed in the war. Hamas leader Jihad al-Sinwar also showed up there. This is his first public appearance since the beginning of the conflict with Israel.

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