Rihanna urging her fans to cast votes for US midterm elections

Celebrities Urge Youth to Cast Vote in the US Midterm Elections

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Turnout for elections is an important aspect holding key to the nation’s successful tomorrow. Therefore, understanding its importance, celebrities are urging their fans to go out in big numbers and cast their vote.

Rihanna, Travis Scott, Blake Lively and comedian Amy Schumer are among those urging their fans to show up at the polls for the US midterm elections on November 6th.

Schumer called out her fans to vote and simultaneously announced that she is pregnant. Scott campaigned in his hometown of Houston with Texas Senate hopeful Bete O’Rourke. Yara Shahidi, star of Grown-ish, introduced a new project called Eighteen X 18, designed specifically for the US midterm elections to get more voters politically active. Rihanna, also posted pleas, asking fans to not turn their backs on mid-term elections.

“I do see a lot of retweets on Twitter from celebrities,” said Furaha Njoroge, 19, a first-time voter and college student in Claremont, California. “I feel like a lot of people are like, ‘Oh yeah, retweet, retweet.”

Pushing the count of active voters has been an outright agenda for all, and it even led to Elle magazine issuing an apology on twitter for posting a fake celebrity headline about Kim Kardashian and Kayne West as clickbait. When users tried to open it, they were instead redirected to a voter registration page.

It is important to understand that each vote counts, especially of the country’s youths, who believe it is not. According to the US Census Bureau, 46.1 per cent of the people aged between 18 to 29 reported voting in the 2016 presidential election, compared to the 70.9 per cent of citizens aged 65 and older.

“Politics is only a certain aspect of who we are as individuals,” said Joshua Choa, part of the youth branch of the Democratic party, who also attended Politicon. “It’s not our whole selves.”

According to the experts, the youth is apparently less interested in voting because many states require voters to register before election day for counting, and re-register every time there’s a change of address. Therefore, being forced to fill out paper ballots can be one such thing stopping the generation that pretty much likes to do everything at-a-click.

Nevertheless, it is anyway important that the youth not only copy the fashion sense of celebrities, but also learn why voicing their opinion plays an important role in the society.

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