February 2, 2023

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Change in the logistics industry: The British are left without bus drivers

Change in the logistics industry
The British are left without bus drivers

In Great Britain there is a defect in every corner and end after Brexit. Now the bus drivers have also left. In some ways the links have already been canceled. Another industry may benefit from it.

According to a report, many British bus drivers choose to switch to logistics because of better pay. The payoff is caused by a shortage of truck drivers, which boosts wages in the industry, according to Unionist Bobby Morton, broadcaster Sky News. Like truck drivers, bus drivers do not have long shifts and do not have adequate toilets and sanitation facilities.

“Now people think, if we want to continue working in these Victorian conditions we can drive a truck for £ 20 an hour instead of a bus for 10,” Morton said. “That’s why the bus drivers crowd to the other branch.”

About 4,000 bus drivers are currently missing in Great Britain, according to the UK Passenger Transport Association. As a result, links are already canceled in some ways. The Ministry of Transport has already stepped up procedures for driving tests and temporary bus driver’s licenses.

The shortage of truck drivers has created significant problems in the UK over the past few weeks. Many petrol stations were dry due to inability to carry fuel. The supermarket shelves were also somewhat empty.

Many EU drivers returned to their home countries during the epidemics and could not easily live and work in the UK again after Brexit. The government issued temporary visas to alleviate the situation and help the military. However, there is no real relaxation in the situation.

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