December 10, 2022

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Children’s book with Rainbow family: Hungarian authorities punish bookstore for children’s book with Rainbow family

In Hungary A bookstore would have to pay a fine for selling a fairy tale book about the so-called Rainbow family without special labeling. This was announced on Hir TV, a television station affiliated with the government by Richard Tarnai, head of the government office for the insect district.

Lawrence Shimmel and Elena Preslina wrote “What a family!” Should be titled “Doesn’t Represent Ordinary Families.” The government agency imposed a fine of 250,000 rupees (approximately 700 euros).

Tarnai did not mention the controversial law restricting information about homosexuality and sex. Proceedings against the bookstore began even before the law was passed. Instead, the law against unfair competition was used.

The government commissioner explained that labeling was mandatory if a product did not conform to the values ​​of the constitution. By the Prime Minister 2011 Victor Orban In the created Hungarian constitution a family consists of a father, mother and child.

The fairy tale of the American writer Shimmel and the Latvian illustrator Praslina is about a boy with two mothers and a girl with two fathers. Everyday events say, sex is not an issue.

A law was passed last month to restrict information on homosexuality and gender, making books and other media accessible to those under the age of 18, which normally portray same-sex relationships in society. The law has been heavily criticized by the European Union. Chairman of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen He called it “shame.”

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