January 27, 2023

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China is the alternative in the war between Russia and Ukraine

China is the alternative in the war between Russia and Ukraine

Washington focuses on Chinese President Xi Jinping President BidenJoe Biden House passes bill banning Russian oil imports, authorizing sanctions. White House congratulates South Korea’s new president, citing ‘tough’ alliance Expected rise in rents adds to record inflation More wrestling with the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a correspondent in Lviv, said Ukrainians ‘want to be able to fight for themselves’ UK urging West to ‘intensify global pressure on Putin’ Defense and national security overnight – US rules out Ukraine’s fighter jets MoreThe violent military campaign against Ukraine.

Biden administration officials have called on Xi and his government to join other countries in condemning Russia, while warning China of consequences if it tries to evade export restrictions on Moscow.

China is seen as a major player due to its influence with Russia, which is expected to grow as Moscow finds itself further isolated by Western sanctions.

“If there is anyone who can make a difference, it is Xi Jinping,” said Charles Kupchan, who served as senior director for European affairs on the National Security Council at the Obama White House. “China is the lifeblood of Russia at the moment, and if the Chinese find the courage to tell Putin that enough is enough, I think the impact will be very significant.”

“I don’t yet see any indications that China will go down the road,” he added.

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William BurnsWilliam Burns Night Defense and National Security U.S. Eliminates Fighter Planes for Ukraine’s Night Defense and National Security More Help on Ukraine’s Way Helicon Valley Provided by Nokia Secret Data Collection Program Revealed More He told Senate lawmakers Thursday that Xi is “unstable” due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the loneliness it has inspired in the West. Burns assessed that the Chinese leader is concerned about the global economic consequences as well as reputational damage from his association with the “ugliness” of the Russian war.

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I think the Chinese leadership, President Xi, has invested a lot in the partnership with President Putin and Russia. I don’t think this will change anytime soon. It’s for so many cold-blooded reasons. However, I think President Xi is unsettled by what he has seen happening in the last 15 days in Ukraine.”

“This has raised some question marks in the minds of the Chinese leadership as they look at what will be a lasting partnership but perhaps with some more concerns than they had 16 days ago,” he said.

White House Press Secretary Jin PsakiJen PsakiHouse passes bill to ban Russian oil imports, allow UK sanctions to urge West to ‘intensify global pressure on Putin’ Defense and National Security Night – US rules out Ukraine fighter jets More On Wednesday, he referred to a number of measures taken by China that were viewed favorably by the West, including Beijing’s decision to abstain from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the Ukrainian invasion. Some believe that China will vote against it in a nod to Russia.

Psaki also said that China has “largely” complied with the administration’s sanctions against Russia so far.

“I would point out, though, that if any country tries to evade or circumvent our economic measures, they will face the consequences of those actions,” Psaki said.

“Our assessment now is that they comply with the requirements that have been set, but we will continue to encourage any country to think a lot about the role they want to play in history as we all look back,” he said.

The administration has stepped up its rhetoric with China in recent days.

Minister of Commerce Gina RaimondoGina Raimondo reports The Hill’s 12:30 – Lawmakers agree to fund Cabinet officials deal to join Biden in House Democrats retreat LIVE coverage – House backs vote on Russian fuel ban, sanctions More He told the New York Times in an interview published on Tuesday that the United States would punish Chinese companies that violate US export restrictions on Russia by preventing them from using US software.

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They have their own interest in not providing Russia with these things. So they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Raimundo said to times.

A few days ago, Foreign Minister Anthony BlinkenAnthony Blinken Night Energy and Environment – EPA Lights Up California Auto Standards in the US and Poland Still Discussing a Possible Jet Deal Blinken Welcomes UAE Support to Increase Oil Production More He urged China to use its voice to denounce Russia’s aggression during a telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart.

“They have an opportunity to lead here and we all urge them to seize it,” Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.

The White House failed to persuade China to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine before it occurred.

Xi and Putin celebrated their close relationship in a personal meeting ahead of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing. The two sides issued a joint statement declaring Sino-Russian relations “without borders.”

Burns on Thursday called it “the most comprehensive expression of their commitment to partnership” the United States has seen but noted that the war has irritated Beijing since then. At one point during his testimony, Burns said that Chinese intelligence apparently did not anticipate Putin’s attack.

The United States is also watching China closely over concerns that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would encourage Xi to launch a military takeover of Taiwan, the self-governing, democratic island that Beijing considers a rogue territory.

In early March, the administration sent a high-level nongovernmental delegation to Taiwan to demonstrate American solidarity. The United States is required by law to provide Taipei with the necessary military means and assistance to fend off a possible Chinese invasion.

It is unclear whether Biden will seek a call with Xi about Ukraine. The two leaders last spoke face to face during a virtual meeting in November. The White House made clear after Russia began its invasion that Biden was open to a call with Xi.

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“China is not going to reassess its view of Sino-Russian relations primarily on this alone,” said Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “But we can make it more painful for China.”

O’Hanlon noted that China would be key to pressuring Russia to agree to some kind of diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine.

The Chinese leader spoke earlier this week jointly with French President Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Jean-Michel Macron: Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Emergent – Biden, Congress targeted Russian oil The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Emergent – US weighs Russian oil embargo. Will you follow Europe? House and Senate trade leaders propose energy ban on Russia More and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz. In its reading of the call, China said that Xi expressed support for the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia and warned that sanctions are not in the interests of the international community.

The relationship between the United States and China has grown more confrontational in recent years, as it was before President TrumpWhite House Congratulates South Korea’s New President, Citing RNC Alliance’s Jan. 6 Lawsuit Over Subpoena of Russia’s Salesforce Commission in Ukraine Overturns Nuclear Talks with Iran More launched a trade war with Beijing. Since then, Biden has made competition with China the centerpiece of his domestic economic agenda.

Nevertheless, China maintains strong trading ties with the West and Europe in particular. The close association with Putin threatens to derail that.

They still find the international system useful to them. They are not taking risks the way Vladimir Putin was, Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant defense minister for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, said of the Chinese. “If they stand by Russia, the world will condemn them.”

Laura Kelly contributed.