February 2, 2023

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Citizens should stay home for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Millions of Chinese traditionally go to their families for New Year celebrations. This year they are being asked to stay home for the third time. But not everyone agrees.

“We can’t go home for the third year in a row,” Ms Wang said. “I don’t know if we can come back.” In fact, Mrs. Wang, who was inside Peking She runs a public store and travels with her husband and daughter to her homeland, not far from Wuhan in central China, for Chinese New Year celebrations. By the end of 2019 there were the first infections Corona virus Discovered – Taken there International spread Their expulsion. “We can only be here again,” Ms Wang resigned.

Corona eruptions, albeit limited, rather than increasing China Strict travel restrictions and curfew orders are a real problem for millions of people. They are often delivered overnight and are valid for weeks. It is customary for hundreds of millions of people to travel to their home villages for the most important family ceremony in China. This is often described as the largest annual population displacement in the world.

1.18 billion trips estimated

As Omigron has also arrived in China, officials are urging people to stay where they are at this New Year’s Eve celebration as a precaution. Nevertheless, more Chinese will depart than there were a year ago. The Department of Transportation expects 1.18 billion trips in the five-week season around the holiday – an increase of 35 percent over last year, but less than the three billion seen in 2019 before the epidemic.

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Railway Station Front Lines: The rules in China are strict, but the movement is still growing. (Source: Dingshu Wang / Reuters)

According to the lunar calendar, the year of the tiger begins on the night of February 1 (January 31, 5 pm CET). It is the third of the twelve zodiac signs. This year, the element of water has been added to Chinese astrology. The brave tiger symbolizes energy, action and a desire for change. It must drive away evil, the hope of the masterminds. But can he repel the virus?

Raymond Lo, a Hong Kong Josiah, believes that “the water tiger seems to be more positive and more productive.” “We can expect the Govt-19 to be better controlled.” People longed for daily life and normal travel. He looks forward to a quiet, peaceful year and even predicts economic boom.

Beijing shortly before the festival: Women in safety attire walk to the train station.  (Source: Reuters / Dingshu Wang)Beijing shortly before the festival: Women in safety attire walk to the train station. (Source: Dingshu Wang / Reuters)

Outrage due to strict isolation rules

However, stringent anti-virus measures in China are also slowing growth. In January there was a temporary curfew order for 20 million people in three major cities. The factories had to close. Distribution chains are broken. Flights have been canceled – only a few dozen infections have been reported daily. The zero-Govt policy puts enormous pressure on local authorities. They are the first to be fired in the event of an explosion.

Public opposition to exaggerated measures is growing. Dong Hong, County Councilor in Tancheng, Henan Province, was outraged when he announced the “isolation and subsequent arrest” of “malicious” returnees from high- or medium-risk areas. Even the state media went a long way: only the “man” would want to return home for New Year’s celebrations. But the “China Daily” agreed with him on this point. “He chose the wrong words.”

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Hangzhou, China: A test station employee takes a swap.  (Source: imago images / VCG CFP111366664381)Hangzhou, China: A test station employee takes a swap. (Source: VCG CFP111366664381 / imago images)

With curfew orders, mass testing, compulsory isolation and contact tracking, China has more control over the virus than any other country. Life has largely returned to normal. But first Delta, now Omigron, tested the zero tolerance principle. In Beijing, the Winter Olympics begin in early February, and re-infections are being counted despite all precautionary measures. It is suspected that this may be due to cold chains with imported materials, but experts believe this is not possible.

Like summer games Such Winter sports are also covered by infection. Fearing that the virus might be imported, participants could only go in hermetically sealed “bubbles” and have almost no contact with the country and its people. The corona also reduces the Olympic impression of nearly 20 million Beijingers. “I have no idea why we should be so excited,” says one doctor. Commenting on the ceremony at the Beijing National Stadium, the 51-year-old said: “I had the opportunity to attend the bird’s nest opening ceremony. “But I do not want to go. What’s the point?”