November 29, 2022

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Climate chaos hits airport: Activists Schiphol | news

They block the private jet and the tarmac |

Hundreds of climate chaos storm Schiphol Airport

A New Escalation Level of Climate Confusion!

More than 500 activists from Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace have approached Dutch airport Schiphol. They lie under several private jets and cycle across the runway – partially blocking air traffic in doing so.

According to reports, two medical flights have also been affected by weather conditions! A spokesperson for the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) said the information has yet to be confirmed by the airport. EBAA termed this practice as totally unacceptable.

What does climate chaos want?

Local residents were also present to protest the noise from the airport, according to the demonstrators. “The goal is to not allow private flights from Schiphol on Saturday,” the statement said.

A spokesman for the military police said six people had been arrested so far: “We are evacuating people from the airport premises. We still have a long way to go.”

According to the police, there has been no violence so far, but “now we have to intervene,” the speaker continues. The move was announced in advance by the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the airport itself is surprisingly quiet: new airport boss Ruud Sondak explains that activists are welcome. But: everything must be “clean”.

Demonstrators disrupted air traffic with chairs and bicycles


More than 500 people blockaded the airport runway, according to reports by weather activists

More than 500 people blockaded the airport runway, according to reports by weather activists


In response to an open letter from Greenpeace, Schiphol is “targeting zero-emission airports by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation by 2050.” And we have an obligation to be a pioneer in this.” At the same time, he acknowledged that this needs to happen more quickly.

Marianne Schuurmans, mayor of Haarlemmermeer municipality, says she will “support the demonstration as much as possible”. Schiphol Airport is part of Haarlemmeer.

However, he warns that the safety of passengers and workers at Schiphol must never be compromised. She doesn’t want business processes to be disrupted. “If that happens, I will intervene,” Schurmans said in his statement.

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