December 10, 2022

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Climate protection in aviation: Air France allows jumbo to fly over the Atlantic with cooking oil

Air France has made its first long-haul flight using sustainable fuel made from edible oil from French production. Or vice versa: with a mixture of classic kerosene and old cooking oil. The machine arrived from the Paris airport on Tuesday afternoon Charles de Cole Towards Montreal Canada The company announced the dismissal.

Airline Air France-KLM He has worked with the energy manufacturer Total, an aircraft manufacturer Airbus And the airline operator ATP have teamed up to develop technologies to make air travel more environmentally friendly.

Also experiment with mustard oil

Biofuels based on cooking oils can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from aircraft. The so-called sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is currently produced mainly from biologics such as vegetable and cooking oils.

Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djibouti wrote that the tanks contained kerosene and 16 percent biofuel. Twitter. Made from biofuel waste and residue France Made by.

Airlines are repeatedly testing SAF biofuels, which are currently significantly more expensive than ordinary kerosene. “The challenge is to produce more of it in order to keep prices down,” Djibouti wrote.

France has set a target of raising the SAF share of total aviation fuel consumption to one percent. This rate will increase to two percent by 2025 and then to five percent by 2030.

A few years ago the Australian airline Qantas had already started a similar pilot project: they let you Boeing– Fly the “Dreamliner” with mustard oil.

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