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Climate Report Reactions: “Warning bells are deaf”

Status: 09.08.2021 12:49 p.m.

UN Secretary-General Guterres has called on politicians to act swiftly in the wake of the World Climate Report’s warnings. Federal Environment Minister Schulz warned: “The planet is in mortal danger”.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on politicians to take action after the International Monetary Fund (IPCC) warned of the dire consequences of climate change. “The alarm bells are deaf and the evidence is undeniable,” he said. Greenhouse gases are suffocating the planet and endangering billions of people.

“The credibility of our society depends on the leaders of politics, business and civil society agreeing to support policies, actions and investments. Solutions will be on the table.” This report must be deadly before coal and other fossil fuels can destroy our planet, “he said. Banks need to make more money available in poorer countries in response to climate change, fulfilling their promise of raising $ 100 billion a year for climate protection and adaptation.

“If we join the forces now, we can avoid disaster,” Guterres said. There is no longer room for delays or excuses. The answers are to be provided at the World Climate Conference to be held in Glasgow in November.

Schulz: “It’s not too late”

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulz also saw the latest report by the government’s panel on climate change as a warning to act quickly. “The planet is in mortal danger,” said the SPD politician. “Climate change is not a future situation, it’s real.” We can prepare as best we can: “We are experiencing this in Germany: catastrophic flooding after heavy rains in July, and prolonged drought in recent years.” This was shown by the heat waves with wildfires in North America, Siberia, Greece and Turkey.

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Schulz called for a quick exit from coal, oil and gas, and for the expansion of solar and wind power. “There have already been enough awareness calls and roll calls,” the minister said. Climate protection is an “important” task. “It is now up to us to make 2020 a decade of climate saving and, if possible, to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees. It is not too late.”

Greta: “Courage is in our hands”

Swedish climate activist Greta Dunberg was not surprised by the findings of the new climate report. “There are no real surprises in the new IPCC report. It confirms what we already know from thousands of previous studies and reports – we are in a state of emergency,” Dunberg wrote on Twitter and Instagram. This is a solid but cautious summary of current knowledge.

“It is ours to be courageous and to make decisions based on the scientific evidence presented in these reports,” Dunberg continued. The 18-year-old added the worst effects of climate change. “But not if we continue like today, not without treating the crisis like a crisis.”

Researcher Poetius: “The Last Awakening Call”

The new IPCC report can only be interpreted as a “last-ditch call”, according to Andrzej Potis, a Bremahawen-based marine biologist and climate impact researcher. “We no longer have a choice, but a community must do everything we can to prevent global warming and prepare ourselves for the inevitable dangers and dangers,” said Alfred Wegener (AWI) director of the Pole and Marine Research in Bermhaven.

The climate alliance calls for decisive political action

Climate Alliance Germany has called on the incoming federal government to “speed up” on climate protection. Malto Henchke-Kember, deputy managing director of the Climate Coalition, explained that the new climate report is constantly showing that the climate crisis is getting worse and worse. “The climate crisis is already here and urgently needs decisive political action.”

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To control global warming, emissions across all sectors must be drastically reduced. “Every tenth of a degree has prevented global warming. To achieve this, we need more expertise in climate protection,” Henschke-Kember said. There are technical and economic possibilities for effective measures, and there is political reluctance to implement them. “Now we need a real competition in the federal election campaign for the better overall concept.”

Greenpeace, WWF, Germanwatch: Act now

A number of environmental protection organizations have called on the federal government to act immediately following recent warnings in the IPCC report. “The shocking thing about this report is that everything is alarming – but governments and companies are still moving at snail’s pace when it comes to climate protection,” said Greenpeace climate expert Christophe Thees. This statement, along with the latest images of fire and flood, should shake up politics.

“Every government, including the forthcoming German federal government, must stop consuming fossil fuels as soon as possible and protect forests, lands and oceans when natural CO2 sinks.” More and more fires, frequent floods and droughts claimed human lives, destroyed natural habitats and habitats and caused great economic damage.