December 5, 2022

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College Football Week 7 - Storylines of Unbeaten Battles, Best Bets

College Football Week 7 – Storylines of Unbeaten Battles, Best Bets

The 2021 regular season featured three games between teams that were at least 5-0 each – one in Week 6 (Penn State-Iowa), Week 7 (Georgia-Kentucky) and Week 9 (Michigan State-Michigan). We haven’t had two games like this in the same regular season weekend since 2019, and we haven’t had three games since Week 7. 1993A weekend highlighted by one of the greatest Auburn-Florida games of all time.

I guess I should say we has not been We’ve had three fights in one week since 1993. With Alabama-Tennessee, Penn State-Michigan and Oklahoma State-TCU, we have three unbeaten fights on the agenda, plus three more ranked versus ranked games. All five Power Conferences are represented among these six matches. This is a balanced and crazy Saturday.

Here’s everything you need to keep track of to get the most out of week 7. Let’s get started.

Can Tennessee end two dry spells at the same time?

No. 3 Alabama at No. 6 Tennessee (3:30 p.m. ET, CBS)

While we’re screaming ’90s, here’s another date for you: October 9, 1999. Current Tennessee State head coach Josh Hebel took on Texas for the first time as the Oklahoma quarterback (the Sooners lost despite some delightful rule-of-play tricks), currently leading the Alabama State coach Nick Saban collapsed Michigan State to No. 3 in Michigan, Tennessee State hosted No. 6, Quincy Carter and No. 10 Georgia.

The Volunteers were sailing a 30-7 lead in the third quarter, but a pass from Carter to Jeffreys Johnson and Jimmy Henderson’s six-man drop abruptly cut the difference to 10 with 12 minutes left. It looked like Tennessee was on the verge of collapse, but track champion Leonard Scott re-kicked the ensuing touchdown, and Phil Vollmer took a 37-20 win.

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This is the last time Tennessee hosted and won a battle between the top 10 teams in the AP.

Saturday comes his best in a while to end that drought and a 15-year loss to Saban and Alabama.