December 5, 2022

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Concerns about instability: NATO warns Moscow and Minsk

Concern about instability
NATO warns Moscow and Minsk

With the recent events in Belarus, NATO fears for security in the eastern part of the security alliance. A week before the NATO summit in Brussels, Secretary-General Stoltenberg stressed that he was closely monitoring the situation and was ready to act.

After a passenger plane from the European Union landed, it was forced by Belarusian authorities, and the resulting tensions alerted NATO Russia and Belarus. “We are definitely ready to defend and defend any ally in the event of any threat from Minsk and Moscow,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told Weld with Zondak. “We are vigilant and follow very closely what is happening in Belarus.” Belarus is becoming more and more dependent on Russia.

Stoltenberg said the Allies have been seriously concerned about the close cooperation between Moscow and Minsk in recent months. “We know in the past that Russia has grossly violated the territorial integrity of states such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.” He did not want to speculate too much, the former Norwegian prime minister said: “NATO is a defensive alliance.” NATO countries Lithuania, Latvia and Poland share a border with Belarus.

Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko had a Ryanair passenger plane forced to park in Minsk two weeks ago on his way from Athens to Vilnius. He later arrested anti-government blogger Roman Protaswitch and his girlfriend Sofia Sabega. Both are in custody. The EU later imposed sanctions to increase pressure on Lukashenko. Russian President Vladimir Putin received the ruler – helped him with a huge debt. Putin insisted that he would continue to support Lukashenko in the conflict with the West.

Stoltenberg told reporters that the situation in Belarus will now be a topic at the NATO summit in Brussels, which will now be attended by President Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden. The current joint venture agreement with Belarus has recently been significantly scaled up and will continue to be reviewed. The alliance follows a two-pronged approach to Russia: prevention and dialogue. “We’ll catch it.” Stoltenberg said NATO should be in talks with “our neighbor Russia” on arms control and other military and political challenges, especially during difficult times. “If we don’t talk to each other, we can’t resolve our conflicts or improve mutual understanding.”

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