December 9, 2022

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Confusion on Russia’s state TV – Putin “wet his pants”

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Russian state television has been shocked by the equipment used by its own troops in the war in Ukraine.

Moscow – used by the Russian military Ukraine war In a new tactic: Big cities like Kyiv are subjected to cruise missiles and bombing from the air. Kamikaze drones attacked But on the front lines, terrorism, which mostly affects civilians, changes little. Nerves are on edge on Russian state television.

Journalist and an excerpt from the show RussiaExpert Julia Davis shared on Twitter on Monday (October 17). On a talk show on NTW station, guests loudly discuss regional mobilization Ukraine conflictThe sometimes pitiful equipment of recruits, but about the meaning of New Year’s celebrations planned in Moscow, there should be large instead of leaks.

Russia: Politician wants to ban parties over Ukraine war

In the clip, Duma deputy Nikolai Novichkov calls for a ban on New Year’s celebrations. He thinks the party is “harmful”. He didn’t want people to celebrate in Russia either. “Then they will drink less and not show their bad qualities, especially in these difficult times,” the politician adds: “The chaos blooming everywhere, including on television, should have been long ago. Now is a good time to do it.”

Then it goes to a touchy subject: the state of the military. Dive from social networks Vladimir Putin Announcement of area mobilization videos showing poorly trained and ill-equipped recruits. For example, in one clip, a senior military officer can be heard saying, “Mobilize.” Fighters must bring tampons into the combat zoneThe Russian army had no medical supplies left.

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Advertising for the Russian Army in St. Petersburg. The equipment of the players should really be very different. (Image archive) © OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP

“Do you know what tampons are for?” She asked the crowd of drafted men, to which she replied: “You stick it directly into the bullet wound, that’s it.” The director of the broadcaster also played. Video clip.

Partial mobilization in Russia: “The government is peeing its pants”

Logistical problems in the Russian military create bizarre situations in the country, where conscripts or their families sometimes have to buy essential items for survival — because the military can’t provide them. “What is the cause of the panic?” Duma member Alexander Yushchenko asks on NTW. He complains to Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Korimigin, who says they have enough equipment. “What’s enough? Warm uniforms and boots maybe?” But much more is needed. He complained that the protective clothing for soldiers was of poor quality.

Russian professor Galina Mikhaileva sees it the same way. She finds the words more clear. “We don’t live in the Middle Ages where you had to prepare for war and buy your own chain mail, horse, spear and so on.” And publicist Vladimir Karpov is firm: “The government showed this partial mobilization. It has wet its pants.” He reiterates his point: “The government has wet its suit.” (DVD)