May 26, 2022

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Control increases: Two people in the car are shot dead by Paris police

Status: 04/25/2022 02:32 am

Police officers were reported to be fired on the car in Central Paris. Two people in the vehicle were killed and a third person was injured, police said.

Police in Paris have shot dead two men in a car allegedly run over officers during a search.

As the “Le Parisien” newspaper and BFMTV reported, citing police information, officers wanted to check the car on the Pont Neuf Bridge in the city center on Sunday evening because it went in the wrong direction. They opened fire as they ignored the parking signs and headed straight for police officers. A third passenger was reportedly injured, according to police.

According to the “Le Figaro” newspaper, when officers wanted to check on the passengers, the car was initially parked in the opposite direction of the journey near the bridge and pointed their automatic weapons at the car. Following this, the driver, who was driving the car in the direction of the police, fired immediately.

This has nothing to do with the presidential election

Police and the prosecutor’s office were crowded. The area is surrounded by a large area. A special unit to check the activities of the officers (IGPN) was called the “Police of the Police”. Criminal police are investigating whether he “deliberately tried to kill public authority figures”.

A link with Presidential election ends Sunday evening, Not yet identified. The test was conducted several kilometers from the area around the Eiffel Tower where re-elected President Emmanuel Macron celebrated his victory. Bond Newfoundland is located near the famous Louvre Museum.

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