December 5, 2022

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Controversial study from Great Britain: Does the Corona really reduce intelligence? – Consultant

Corona disease can affect our intelligence. At least British researchers want to establish in a recent study.

It is often suspected that the corona will have long-term effects even after the infection appears to have cleared up. Some of the healed continue to complain of fatigue, tiredness, respiratory illnesses, but also sexual dysfunction and psychological problems.

But: it is not yet clear how long these long-term effects, known as long covit, will actually last. Neuroscientist Christophe Professor Kleinshinitz emphasizes: “Everyone who suffers from such symptoms after an infection has been ill for a long time, and that does not mean that they will never get rid of these symptoms.”

The terms in particular are often confusing: “Postcovid” may have all the consequences of a corona disease (e.g., cough and runny nose one or two days after the outbreak), while “long covid” is a long-term side effect that can affect the life of the recovered person or Affect in the long run. Due to the novelty of the corona, there are no reliable studies on this.

In addition, psychological features may play an important role. “Anyone who regularly reads or listens to how dramatic the effects of a corona disease can be will develop the most common symptoms of Longcovit after infection because the victims are particularly sensitive to the topic,” says Professor Kleinshinitz.

British scientists were involved in their work at Imperial College (London) Study But another phenomenon of suspicion: Psychological controls after a corona disease. It’s about concentration problems, distractions or problems finding the right words – the so-called “brain fog”.

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Scientists are using data independently collected from the Corona by 2020 as part of the “Great British Intelligence Trial”, which could be completed for free on the Internet.

Of the more than 80,000 people who took part in the British intelligence test, one in seven (12,689) said they had been diagnosed with corona last year. The results of the IQ test can be compared with those of non-infected individuals with COVID-19.

According to British researchers, participants with corona infections were significantly worse. Thought, planning and problem-solving tasks are said to have caused the greatest difficulties.

In the case of participants who had to fight corona particularly hard and had to be treated intensively, the greatest deficiencies were found: “The incidence of injuries to those admitted to the hospital was substantial compared to other diseases tested,” the researchers write.

For example, ventilated individuals had an IQ seven points lower. A remnant similar to the brain age of about ten years. Scientists say the cause is clearly Govt-19.

They call for further inquiries into why and how Corona affects victims’ intelligence.

RKI researcher criticizes: There is no link between covit and IQ loss

Obviously they are necessary. Because there are substantial criticisms in this study: RKI researcher Guy Schulz explains on Twitter that there is no connection between Kovit and an IQ loss in the study. Other factors were not considered sufficient.

Schulz: “The study did not show the recommendation: it is severely affected by a cross-section and previous diseases.” Researcher: “Previous diseases, more difficult covit. What the study probably shows: People who are sick have poor cognitive skills – and people who are sick, they do in cognitive tests.”

Scientist Christophe Rothe, who holds the chair for statistics at the University of Mannheim, also suspects a corona infection in intelligence and points to significant systematic flaws in the study.