December 5, 2022

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Controversy over nuclear submarines escalates – Macron recalls ambassador from US – Politics Abroad

The controversy over nuclear submarines between the United States, Australia and France has escalated dramatically.

Paris recalled its ambassador from Washington as the submarine business broke down. The French ambassador to Canberra is also expected to return home.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (74) said on Friday evening that the move was at the request of President Emmanuel Macron, 43.

The decision to abandon the purchase of French submarines sealed in 2016 in support of a partnership with the United States and Great Britain reflects unacceptable behavior between allies and partners. The results touched on France’s alliance and partnership and Indo – Pacific importance to Europe.

Angry at US President Joe Biden: French President Emmanuel MacronPhoto: Angelos TZORTZINIS / AFP

Background to the Great Conflict between Allies: Australia announced on Thursday that it wants to buy nuclear-powered submarines as part of a new defense alliance with the United States and Great Britain. France has already reacted very angrily and talked about destroying trust with Australia.

Australia’s decision to build nuclear – powered submarines with US and British support to replace conventional submarines with French aid has cost France a рок 56 billion contract.

US President Joe Biden (78), Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (53) and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) had previously announced a new alliance, which, according to security experts, was clearly directed by China against the Indo-Pacific military threat. This includes building submarines.

Biden spoke about “fast-growing threats”. Over the next 18 months Australia will have to find a way to acquire such modern submarines.

On Saturday night, both the United States and Australia sought to defuse tensions with the French. “France is an important partner and our oldest ally, and we value our relationship very much,” US State Department spokesman Nate Price said in a statement.

He said Washington would continue to discuss the issue in the coming days. Diplomatic talks will also take place during the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week.

A spokesman for the Australian Foreign Ministry regretted the short-lived visit of the French ambassador: “Australia respects its relationship with France. We look forward to talking to France again about our many common issues and interests, which are based on common values. “

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