December 5, 2022

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Corona Actual: Merkel warns to be careful when opening – politics

President Angela Merkel wants to consider insecure people when she opens the country. Many were worried when some places were cramped and crowded. But even these people should have the opportunity to be a part of public life. “We need to focus on those who are the hardest and the strongest,” Merkel said in a video conference with volunteer citizens.

Merkel also warned of the burden on children by capturing the learning backlog caused by the corona crisis. The federal government’s catchy package, in which the federal states also have to contribute financially, therefore provides money for social work in addition to funding for advanced studies and training. (26.05.2021)

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania reopens for federal tourists

Tourists from all over Germany can go on vacation back to McLenberg-Western Pomerania from June 4. Day visitors can return to the country from June 11. Owners of holiday apartments may already return this Friday (May 28), Prime Minister Manuela Swazik (SPD) said after a summit on tourism with representatives of the state government and the tourism department in Swerin on Wednesday. (26.05.2021)

For the first time since October, RKI is reporting nationwide events below 50

For the first time since October last year, seven-day events across the country fell below the 50 mark politically appropriate. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new infections per 100,000 people across the country on Wednesday was 46.8 in seven days (previous day: 58.4; previous week: 72.8). The seven-day event in mid-February summed up more than 50. But then came the third wave. The value was below 50 thresholds in the fall: 48.6 on October 20, 2020.

Health officials in Germany reported 2626 new corona infections to RKI in a single day. This is clear from the figures that reflect the status of the RKI dashboard from 5.23am on Wednesday morning. For comparison: a week ago the value was 11 040 infections. However, the effects of public holidays data may be omitted.

The death toll on Wednesday rose slightly from 284 to 270 compared to the same day the previous week. Since the outbreak, 87,726 people have died from SARS-Cowie-2 infections in Germany. The total number of registered corona cases is 3,656,177. However, since many infections are undiagnosed, the number of actual cases can be significantly higher. The seven-day R-value was 0.78 (previous day: 0.84) nationwide, according to the RKI Status Report since Tuesday evening. The R-value indicates infection eight to 16 days ago. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process slows down; If it continues to be high, the number of cases increases.

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Spaan urges young people to get the corona vaccine

The Editorial Network Germany (RNT) says the Standard Vaccine Commission (Stico) is currently trying to ensure that the common vaccine is not recommended for 12- to 15-year-olds after the EU approves the biotech vaccine, which is expected in May.

Health Minister Jens Spann continues to rely on corona vaccines for older children and adolescents if needed, even without a recommendation from Secretary of State Stico. Speaking on NDTV’s “Frohstart” program, the CDU politician said: “In light of this recommendation, parents and their children and doctors can then make specific decisions about whether or not to vaccinate someone.” This is a personal decision.

Manufacturer Biotech / Pfizer has applied to the European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA) for approval for its product since the age of twelve. A result is expected by the end of May. However, Stico reserves the right to clarify itself on vaccine recommendation. Your member Rodrigues von Kris does not currently expect to have a common vaccine recommendation for all children.

The RND reports that the sticko vaccine is only recommended for children and adolescents with certain chronic illnesses. One reason is the unsatisfactory data situation, which does not allow children and adolescents to weigh against the risks of vaccinating against the effects of a corona disease.

If the EMA approves the biotech vaccine from the age of twelve, it is also approved for people between the ages of twelve and 15, according to Span. Before the summer holidays begin, children and adolescents should be vaccinated first, he said. “When approved, we will gradually – not all at once – vaccinate children and adolescents over the age of twelve.”

However, the health minister rejected a vaccine as a prerequisite for attending classrooms: “I do not see that we will be vaccinated compulsorily for school attendance.” (26.05.2021)

Children emit less aerosols than adults

The same is true of Charita and D.U. The Berlin study shows. “When they speak, primary school-aged children exhale as many particles as adults, and when they sing, adults emit many particles,” says director Dirk Morbe of the Clinic for Audiology and Phonetics in Charita. The number of aerosols suitable for the spread of the corona virus depends on the size. This discovery could play a role not only in the decision-making of direct teaching in schools, but also in the work of children’s singers.

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This does not mean that school lessons or singer rehearsals and concerts can be contagious and without restrictions, according to Murphy. However, depending on outdoor conditions such as room size, number of children and length and ventilation concepts, more is possible than has been the practice until now.

So far, studies of aerosol emissions have focused mainly on adults. Now, according to Marbe, they are being measured using laser particle counters in a clean room for the first time among eight- to ten-year-old elementary school students. In particular, it is about 15 girls and boys and the female singer of the Cathedral Choir Berlin and Singh-Academy Berlin. No vaccine protection is currently expected for this age group. In children, emissions levels were determined for speaking, speaking, singing, and screaming at leisure, among other things, compared to the values ​​of 15 adults. The results of the investigation have not yet been published in any special journal. But to reactivate children’s vocals they have to flow Dresden Philharmonic as a health concept. (26.05.2021)

Troston: “Get vaccinated sooner”

With the Corona vaccine, Christian Troston sees Germany on the right track after the initial difficulties. The Berlin Foundation’s virologist told the NDR podcast on Tuesday in the “Corona virus update” that “one should look at the threatening situation in the summer differently”. The country is currently in a transition phase. While opening in outdoor restaurants is not a big issue, Troston does not accept representations that the number of infections is only declining because of the high temperatures now. One should not believe that control measures are now superfluous.

Commenting on Indian corona variant B.1.617, Troston stressed: “You need to be vaccinated soon, that’s the best thing you can do.” A recent study shows that MRNA vaccines protect against the Indian variant after two vaccines. However, there are many impossibilities in how it spreads. Epidemiologists suspect the epidemic is up to 50 percent higher than the British variant. However, Troston pointed to a number of factors that could distort Great Britain’s data. The current situation in the country is different from the end of 2020, when the mutated B.1.1.7 appeared. At that time, the winter wave was building, while the third wave was drastically declining, and many had vaccine protection. B.1.617 Largely recorded from India – Unfortunately the progress of the vaccine is known to be socially inconsistent.

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Troston confirms his assumptions regarding pediatric infections. A study on this topic published about a year ago was then heavily criticized. A team of virologists and the Foundation, meanwhile, has greatly expanded its research database and edited and published it in a well-known specialized journal. Science Published. The notion that children are contagious Can Like adults, solidified.

This study also supports the hypothesis that relatively small areas of the population are particularly responsible for a high number of infections. According to Troston, victims of all ages, including children, have exceptionally high viral loads. In the study, it affected nine percent of the cases studied. To a “considerable extent” this includes individuals who experience mild symptoms throughout the course of the disease. There are even those who have no symptoms. Considering the risk of infection from healthy-looking victims, scientists emphasize the importance of measures such as keeping your distance from their ends and wearing a mask. “The maximum virus exposure is one to three days before symptoms appear,” Troston said. That is why it is very difficult to control the virus. (26.05.2021)

Turkish communities criticize Spain

Federal Health Minister Jens Spann (CDU) has been criticized for saying that family visits to Turkey and the Balkans last summer led to an increase in the number of corona. The Prime Minister of Albania Eddie Rama and the Turkish community in Germany were outraged.

“It is a corruption for a German minister to publicly condemn the Balkan people, thus valuing those with immigrant backgrounds,” said Prime Minister Rama Der. Picture-Newspaper. “I will not allow Albania to be portrayed as a risky part of a holiday trip. There are no statistics to prove it.” Span wanted to defend the “apparently bad record”.

Serhad Ulsoy, vice-president of the Turkish community, said Span “suspects the entire population” and “opens the door to stigma.” He wants to “campaign on the backs of the people at all costs.” “The second wave is home-made and good corona management is different.”

Span said in an interview that “foreign trips, often visiting relatives from Turkey and the Balkans, sometimes triggered 50 percent of new epidemics.” That should be prevented this year. He therefore wanted to conclude agreements with Turkey on entry and exit tests at an early stage. (25.05.2021)