February 1, 2023

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Corona around the world: Austria announces 900 new epidemics – politics

With more than 900 new corona infections reported, Austria has reached its highest daily value since mid-May. The number of recent cases released by the National Crisis Group on Wednesday is more than the seven-day average of about 600.

On Wednesday, new measures came into effect in Lyons, Tyrolean district, where the seven-day event rose to 332 — up from 43 on Monday. In the district, also known as East Tyrol, one must re-wear an FFP2 mask when shopping. Introduced to mask requirements and events up to 100 people. In addition, in the Innervillgraten and Oberlienz communities, exit testing is mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated.

According to regional officials, the high number of return passengers in East Tyrol is associated with a relatively low vaccination rate. (11.08.2021)

Austria launches third vaccination in mid-October

Austria will launch booster vaccines against the corona virus from October 17. Health Minister Wolfgang Maxstein says in an ORF radio interview that it was about nine months after the first citizens received the second dose.

Some risk groups may receive a third dose earlier. “There are some groups, for example those with immunodeficiency, where, after consulting a doctor, you can be vaccinated earlier. You can also do a test to neutralize the antibodies,” the minister explains. According to the Ministry of Health, nearly 60 percent of the population in Austria has so far received at least one corona vaccine. (10.08.2021)

Many deaths due to oxygen failure in hospital in Russia

Nine corona patients died at a hospital in Russia due to a defect in the oxygen tube. This was announced by the government of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania in the Caucasus, according to Russian companies. The current head of state of the Republic, Sergei Menzello, said the underground pipe was broken.

As a result, many critically ill corona patients at a clinic in the capital of Vladivostok are temporarily unable to provide their ventilators. Hospital staff temporarily dispensed oxygen bottles to the survivors. All physicians have been ordered to the Vladikavkaz Clinic to ventilate intensive care patients in the region.

Russian state agency Ria Novosti said the items were recovered several hours after the incident. Three tons of oxygen was brought from the neighboring region to the North Ossetia-Alania Republic in the Caucasus.

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According to the regional health ministry, about 70 people were said to have been connected to ventilators at the time of the accident. Other corona hospitals in the area were apparently not affected by the pipe rupture. Nevertheless, all distribution systems will now be checked.

The cause of the defect in the pipe was initially unknown. Investigations have begun. The Russian media quoted the intelligence officer in charge as saying that criminal cases had been opened due to neglect of security precautions and the careless death of several people. (10.08.2021)

The U.S. military is introducing compulsory vaccination for soldiers

For U.S. Armed Forces soldiers, the corona virus vaccine must be applied for by September 15. It comes from a letter from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Austin said the need for vaccines could be introduced in advance if the vaccines get regular approval from the FDA, the US agency responsible. Emergency clearance for corona vaccines is currently in effect. According to the Pentagon, there are more than 1.3 million servicemen and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, about 1.05 million of whom have already been fully vaccinated.

President Joe Biden has not yet approved the order – but it is purely a form. Biden immediately said in a statement that he fully supported Austin’s actions. “These vaccines can save lives. Time. They are safe. They are effective,” Biden said. (09.08.2021)

Hospital capacity is low in the first few US states

In the wake of the recent corona wave, the US state of Texas has asked all hospitals to postpone completely unnecessary medical interventions. This is to ensure that all Govt patients can be adequately cared for, Governor Greg Abbott said in a letter to the hospital association. The Ministry of Health will try to recruit medical staff from other states to care for corona patients. Disaster control is the reopening of infusion centers where patients can receive blood plasma treatment.

The situation in Texas has worsened, especially due to delta’s corona virus infection. In the state of 29 million people, an average of 12,000 new corona infections are reported each day, according to official data. Accordingly, about 9,000 Govt patients are currently being treated in hospitals. Republicans have outlawed corona requirements such as wearing a mask in the state of Abbott. In Texas, about 44 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, and the nationwide vaccination rate is 50 percent.

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The latest corona wave has hit southern states including Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri. The governor of Arkansas, Republican Asa Hutchinson, warned Monday via Twitter that there are currently only eight beds in the intensive care unit across the state. Meanwhile, more Govt patients are being treated at the hospital than ever before during infections. Of the 1376 patients, 286 were connected to the ventilator. “Vaccines reduce hospital stays,” he wrote.

U.S. officials now report an average of 100,000 new infections a day. In June, before catching the delta variant, it was sometimes only about 10,000 a day. On average, more than 450 people die each day after a corona infection, according to data from the CDC Health Commission. (10.08.2021)

China punishes more than 30 officials for corona infection

In China, more than 30 officers have been convicted of the latest corona wave. Like the state newspaper Global Times It said officials in the four affected provinces were responsible for “slow response and poor governance”. It is not known what the penalties are. Deputy mayors, district boards, heads of local health authorities, hospital managers and airport and tourism department officials have been affected.

For more than a year, life has largely returned to normal in China, where the first outbreak of a new viral disease was diagnosed worldwide in December 2019. The strict “zero govt principle” is followed: in the event of an explosion the immediate response is provided with mass tests, exit controls, contact tracking and isolation. There are also strict restrictions on passengers. You must be in an isolated facility for at least two weeks.

However, the highly contagious delta variant has recently pushed authorities into their territory several times. The virus spread three weeks after an airport explosion in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. So far, more than 900 infections have been reported across the country. There are mass tests in many places. Travel is banned in some parts of the country. (09.08.2021)

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Scotland repeals almost all corona rules

From Monday – with a few exceptions – the remote rules in Scotland were removed. There are no longer any restrictions on bars, restaurants or events. Nightclubs are allowed to open. However, officers and public transportation must wear masks. Masks are also needed in schools. However, in the case of a corona, the whole class no longer has to go home alone.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke about the “most important date ever” in the epidemic. At the same time he called on everyone to be careful. The epidemic is not over yet. Almost all corona operations in Wales, except for the mask requirement, have been completed since Saturday. There are no legal requirements to wear a helmet in the UK from July 19. These rules are even stricter in the Northern Ireland province. Here the government wants to decide in a few days whether to relax. (09.08.2021)

Restaurants and train travel in France are only allowed with a health pass

In France, from Monday, restaurant visits and train travel are only allowed with proof of corona vaccine, recovery or negative test. Strict hygiene rules apply to people over 18 in mid-November. More than 200,000 people across the country protested again over the weekend alone, against the controversial move by French President Emmanuel Macron to fight the rising corona epidemic.

Evidence of full vaccination, recovery or negative testing is now mandatory in restaurants, cafes, trains, long-distance boxes, airplanes, trade fairs and health facilities. Negative test should not be earlier than 72 hours. For health workers, the mandatory vaccination comes into effect on Monday. Digital Health Pass is required for cinemas, museums and major events from mid-July. (09.08.2021)