February 2, 2023

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Corona around the world: Thousands of demos in Vienna – politics

Great corona demo in Vienna

Tens of thousands in Austria protested against the impending austerity of the corona. In Vienna, about 35,000 people took part in demonstrations against locking and compulsory vaccination, according to police. The protest march in Vienna on Saturday afternoon severely disrupted traffic. “The mood is hot,” a police spokesman said. Several arrests took place. Some participants looked at the media and threw bottles at police officers.

Participants criticized the exit restrictions, which went into effect on Monday, and the Corona stamp, which will take effect from 2022, as a mandatory measure. They shouted “Freedom” again and again. Many protesters did not wear FFP2 masks, thus violating the requirements. Police were on duty with 1,300 officers.

The FPÖ, a right-wing populist party suspected of corona vaccination, had already planned a demonstration on Saturday when the government decided to take drastic measures against the spread of the corona virus. FPÖ leader Herbert Kiggle commented on the new rules: “As of today, Austria is a dictatorship.” Other vaccine-complex groups also called for protests. Kiklal was unable to attend due to a corona infection. Well-known neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists joined the protesters, according to the Austrian news agency APA.

About 66 percent of people in Austria are vaccinated against the corona virus, which is one of the lowest rates in Western Europe. (20.11.2021)

He was injured during a protest in Rotterdam

Police in riot gear stormed a rally in Rotterdam on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Authorities say more than 20 people have been arrested. During a protest on Friday evening, hundreds of rioters set fire to cars, set off fireworks and hurled stones at police. Police responded with warning fire and water cannon. Mayor Ahmed Abu Daleb has condemned the riots as a “revelry of violence”. Police were forced to draw their guns and firearms, Abbottaleb told a news conference Saturday morning.

The rally, called by several organizations, was directed against the government’s plans to introduce the 2-G rule in view of the dire corona situation. Access to events, cafes and restaurants was provided only to those who had been vaccinated and those who had recovered. Since the curfew order was issued in the Netherlands in January, there have already been severe riots in several cities, causing millions of casualties. (19.11.2021)

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Austria plans to go to the lockout and get vaccinated

Austria will be locked to everyone from Monday. This was announced by President Alexander Schallenberg on Friday at a press conference after consultations with the federal states. All-day exit restrictions will initially apply for ten days, but can be extended once every ten days until December 12th, if necessary. After that the 2G rule should come into force again.

In the coming week, the food, cultural and event industry and trade – except for shops for everyday needs – will be closed. Schools and kindergartens must be fully open for necessary maintenance purposes. There are exceptions to exit restrictions, for example mental and physical recreation at shopping, work or outdoors.

Locking is a difficult step. “It hurts a lot,” the chancellor said. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said of the recent Corona policy: “Unfortunately, we, the federal government, have also failed in some areas. I apologize for that.” New measures are not a popular result, but a necessary one. “A lock is always a dump”. The virus will not go away, Shallenberg said. “We do not want the fifth wave, we do not want the sixth and seventh wave.”

The lock-in for non-vaccinated people has been in effect in Austria since Monday. It should continue to be used after public lockdown – initially indefinitely. President Schallenberg did not give the group a deadline to remove exit restrictions. “We have no deadline,” he told the ORF news program “ZiB2”. The head of government said the vaccine quota could now finally be raised so that the epidemic would be controlled and locking up in the future would no longer be necessary.

Austria also wants to introduce a common compulsory vaccine. Despite months of insistence, Shalenberg said he could not “convince enough people to get vaccinated”. Without naming them, Schellenberg harshly criticized the right-wing FPÖ, which was influential in Austria. Their vaccine review is “really an attack on our health system”.

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There has long been a political consensus that one should not be vaccinated, Shalenberg said. But you have to keep an eye on the reality, so we have decided to launch a nationwide mandatory vaccination, which will apply from February 1st. Austria was the first country to introduce compulsory vaccination in the European Union. This will be implemented in the coming weeks. Health Minister Mückstein did not say exactly who should be vaccinated, for example at what age. (19.11.2021)

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Study: Corona infection may have appeared in the animal market

Two years after the outbreak of the corona epidemic, a renowned evolutionary biologist provides further evidence that the Huanan Animal Market in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan is a potential breeding ground for the virus. In one of the special press Science Michael Vorobe summarizes the major events that took place in Wuhan in December 2019 and January 2020. He drew a chronology of the first known cases compiled from newspaper reports and accessible hospital data.

The Canadian scientist at the University of Arizona’s Institute of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology concludes that the fact that most of the early symptom cases may be linked to the Huanan animal market is a “strong indication” that an epidemic has appeared in the marketplace.

So far, no clear evidence has been produced as there are no specimens of the animals sold in the market at the time of the outbreak. Finally, the Huanan market was soon closed and disinfected. However, this does not mean that the mystery surrounding the eruption will ever be solved, the researcher said.

Conclusive evidence can be obtained by analyzing spatial patterns from early events in Wuhan and additional genetic data from patients at that time. “Preventing future infections depends on this effort,” Worby said.

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The virus first appeared in Wuhan in late 2019. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts was allowed to return to China only twelve months later and returned without clear results. The team later announced that it was not entirely clear whether the market was the real starting point for the epidemic.

China does not want to allow further investigation into the site. Among other things, the US government accuses China of withholding information from experts. Beijing accuses the United States and other countries of misusing the epidemic and looking for the source of political attacks. (19.11.2021)

Italy discusses locking and border controls for unvaccinated persons

In view of the increasing number of corona, strict rules for those who have not been vaccinated and restrictions on borders with neighboring countries are being discussed in Italy. Regional politicians in particular are calling on the government in Rome to impose restrictions on anti-vaccine protesters so that there are no major locks in the coming winter. “Ninety percent of 90 percent of Italians who do not understand the importance of the vaccine should not be in control and the majority want to dictate its rules,” Giovanni Totti (Forza Italia), head of the Liguria region, wrote on Twitter.

Totti called a meeting of the regions with Prime Minister Mario Draghi to discuss further measures before the fourth wave of the epidemic hits the country like other states. In Italy, a color scheme determines which Govt restrictions apply – at present all areas are minimally white. However, seven-day events are on the rise.

According to the Ansa News Agency, politicians from the Co-ruling Social Democratic Party have called for tougher restrictions on the borders of badly affected countries such as Austria. Those entering Italy, including tourists, must be subjected to a negative test, be vaccinated against corona or be cured. (18.12.2021)

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