February 2, 2023

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Corona: British experts observe Delta variant AY4.2

IIn Great Britain, experts are currently observing a largely unknown mutation in the delta variant of the corona virus. One has a very close view of the mutant AY4.2, it said from the government seat on Downing Street this week. This variant has two mutations, which are already known from other versions of the corona virus.

However, researchers have not yet considered whether this variant may be significantly more contagious than the previous delta type – according to initial estimates, about ten percent more displacement is being talked about. At most, it could have triggered a lower number of additional corona cases, said Francois Baloux, a biologist at University College London. “That alone cannot be the reason for the increase in the number of current cases in Great Britain.”

Great Britain has registered more than 40,000 cases in the last few days, the most recent being the seven-day event. The death toll rose to its highest level since March. According to the British Health Commission, mutated AY4.2 was detected in six percent of all sorted corona samples in late September / early October.

According to the BA news agency, in addition to the British cases, some variations are known in the USA and Denmark. However, the UK ranks significantly higher viruses to monitor the appearance of dangerous variants. According to the BBC, the mutants were first discovered by experts in July, after which the share of its corona cases slowly increased. The variant AY4.2 has not yet been officially classified by health officials as a “variant under observation” or a “concern variant”.

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15:39 – Corona test fraudsters steal more than 3 million euros

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With simulated corona tests, fraudsters in Berlin are said to have stolen within 3.2 million euros. According to investigators, the defendants allegedly settled a quick trial with the Association of Legal Health Insurance Physicians in May and June, which did not take place to a certain extent or at least. The main culprit was the managing director of a company that ran marriage testing centers, especially in the Berlin district.

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In the case of suspected fraudsters, investigators went on a house search Wednesday, according to the police and public prosecutor’s office in the capital. The search took place in Berlin, Schwarzenberg in Saxony and Tessa in Saxony-Anholt. Business documents were confiscated and are now being assessed. At the same time, significant values ​​were confiscated from the suspects, including several lands, as part of a so-called property arrest.

1:13 pm – Austria introduces mandatory 3G in the workplace

From November 1, Austrian staff will have to prove whether they have been vaccinated, rescued or tested. This makes Austria the second country to introduce the need for 3G verification in the workplace, next to Italy. Health Minister Wolfgang Maxstein (Green) made the announcement on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting of the Conservative-Green government. Evidence is needed in places where physical contact with others, such as the office or canteen, cannot be ruled out. “We are not talking about the home office, the night watchman or the lorry driver,” the minister said.

Both employers and employees are responsible for complying with this action. With the introduction of 3G certification in the workplace, the need for a general mask for employees will simultaneously decrease. However, for customers, wearing a mask is essential for essential basic needs such as supermarkets, pharmacies and the post office.

Day 12:39 – Cuba wants to give corona vaccine to tourists

The Cuban government wants to vaccinate international tourists against the corona virus. “If possible, we try to give vaccines to all customers who come to see us,” Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia told a news conference in Havana on Tuesday. The government relies on its own vaccine, Soperana 2, which has so far only been approved in Cuba and is usually administered three times at 28-day intervals. Garcia said because tourists usually do not stay long, they can be vaccinated once in Cuba and take the other two doses when they leave.

9:44 am – Most of the Germans end the corona emergency

In a poll, a majority of people voted in favor of allowing the statewide state of emergency, which has been in effect for a year and a half, to expire. According to a representative Yukov survey released on Wednesday, the national epidemic will be 57 percent in favor of non-prolongation from the end of November – security measures such as 3G, health and distance rules will be maintained. 27 percent would reject it, and 16 percent would provide no information. Emergency is the basis for controls and central corona operations in Germany.

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09:05 am – Saxony’s PM at the end of Corona rules

Prime Minister of the Lower Saxony Stephen Weil warns of a quick end to all corona operations. “What should not happen in view of autumn and winter is to change the safety rules without changing them,” said the SPD politician of the news agency dpa. “We still have tough months.” In infection, it is important to be cautious. “We find that the incidence is higher in the group of people who have not been vaccinated,” the head of government from Hanover stressed.

In a debate over whether the so-called epidemic would soon be eliminated, Lower Saxony’s Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) was skeptical: it was not yet time to say goodbye to safety rules. In addition, after the epidemic situation expired on November 25, several state governments are calling for nationwide solutions in the fight against the epidemic.

These are the Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Dubingen, according to an initial report by the Editorial Network Germany. “No one wants to have a link engraved after the end of the epidemic situation of national purpose in dealing with the epidemic in Germany,” explains Clemens Hoch, Minister of Health of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

8:39 am – The association calls for compulsory vaccination for those living in retirement homes

The Federal Association of Municipal Senior and Disabled Facilities calls for corona vaccination for senior citizens and those in nursing homes. In an interview with “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”, President Alexander Schramml spoke in support of a nationwide law based on the principle that residents should only be vaccinated and visitors should only be vaccinated. The exception should be made only to those who are medically concerned about the vaccine.

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7:29 am – More than 85,000 new infections and 2,000 deaths in the United States

In the United States, health officials recorded at least 85,128 new infections a day. This is the result of a Reuters survey based on official data. So far about 45.23 million people have been tested positive for the corona virus. The number of virus-related deaths has risen from a low of 2,041 to 730,414. The United States has the highest number of infections and deaths worldwide.

6:51 am – Sangam Retirement and Retirement Home Residents need compulsory vaccination

The Federation of Retirement and Disability Facilities Association (BKSB) is calling for corona vaccination for those in nursing and nursing homes. Residents “should only be allowed to be vaccinated and visitors should only be allowed to be vaccinated,” BKSB chairman Alexander Schramml told newspapers (Wednesday editions) of the editorial network in Germany. Shraml demanded a nationwide uniform legal basis associated with it.

5:59 am – Australia reaches 70 percent vaccination rate

Australia has reached a vaccination milestone: As of Wednesday, more than 70 percent of the population over the age of 16 has been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. Strictly speaking, this is 70.007 percent of Australians. This is a respectable number, “said Secretary of Health Greg Hunt.

4:56 am – RKI records 17,015 new corona infections – at 80.4

The seven-day event in Germany rose for the seventh day in a row. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Wednesday morning at 80.4 gave the value of 100,000 people and new infections per week. For comparison: the previous day’s value was 75.1, a week ago it was 65.4 (previous month: 71.0). Health officials in Germany reported 17,015 new corona infections to RKI in a single day. This is clear from the numbers that reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 4:52 am. Its value a week ago was 11,903 infections.