February 2, 2023

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Corona, cold or flu? This is how the usual symptoms differ

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Winter is cold – but cough and fever are common corona symptoms. The medical expert explains how to differentiate between colds, flu and Govt-19.

  • A year ago it was clear: anyone who coughs and sniffs has a cold or flu. But in the Corona era, many people are insecure and ask themselves: How do I distinguish between influenza, influenza-like infections and Govt-19?
  • Where patients If you have the real flu virus * There are other features associated with Covit-19, such as sudden worsening of a fever and generally more severe symptoms than an infection.
  • Medical Journalist Dr. Christoph Spect explains, How to recognize Govt-19.

Are you one of those people who gets colds at least once in the fall and winter? You are not alone: ​​cold fever and cold viruses and hot air and cold ensure less blood supply to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, so the body is more susceptible to pathogens. In 2020, a new question was added to the question of how to distinguish flu-like infections from real ones: i.e., how to recognize Govt-19. Traitors: The symptoms of all three diseases are sometimes very similar.

In the view of the medical journalist Dr. Christophe Spect is not difficult. In an interview with ZDF he said: “If you think it is possible to go to the doctor with your symptoms, you do not have the flu”. The real fever always comes suddenly within a few hours and is accompanied by a high fever, cold and intense feeling of illness.. On the other hand, it manifests itself with flu-like infections, runny nose, headache or other cold symptoms and does not erupt suddenly – this is also the case with Govit-19. “Sudden onset fever speaks more to fever than corona,” says Spect. But how do you differentiate between corona virus infections?

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Fever or Corona: “So if someone sneezes, it speaks too much against the corona”

If a corona virus infection occurs, the victim will show some symptoms in the first week. Even if the body is unable to cope with the virus load and develops Covit-19 disease, many complaints can arise for the victims. However, according to Spect, mucus is not a common Govit-19 symptom, but rather mucus. “So if someone sneezes, it speaks too much against the corona”, According to the ZDF health expert. Cough, on the other hand, can talk about infections such as fever, fever and corona. But Govit-19 has one symptom that is said to be primary: loss of smell and taste. “Often this disorder is the first sign before other symptoms,” says Spect. In the case of Govit-19, the disorder occurs suddenly and lasts for a long time because the corona viruses attack the associated nerve cells. Shortness of breath is also a common corona symptom. Dr. The Spectrum sums up: “The disease begins slowly with alveolar and taste disorders, often with fever and cough, especially with shortness of breath (speaking) corona”. (Further) *Merkur.de is part of the Ippen Digital Editorial Network nationwide.

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