January 28, 2023

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Corona confusion in the UK: “Does he think we’re all stupid?” – Boris Johnson “Beyond Parody”

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The UK is easing corona operations and is now self-isolated in dealing with victims. More than 50,000 cases have already been registered every day.

Update 07/19/2021, 7:31 pm: The British government wants compulsory corona vaccination certificates for nightclubs and other important events in the UK from the fall. “The greatest pleasures and opportunities in life depend on vaccines,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in London on Monday (19.07.2021). By the end of September, all adults in the UK will have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated against corona.

Until then, however, clubs and other large events do not need such evidence. Nightclubs are encouraged to listen only to what is called the NHS Govt Pass once they enter.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson is on his way to England on his own.

© Deiben Salsi / DPA

Boris Johnson “Beyond Parody”

First Report: LONDON – People are dancing in clubs again, people are allowed to work in offices again without any distance and many do without masks: In the UK, almost all corona activities were removed on Monday (19.07.2021). Wearing masks or remote rules or numerical restrictions for events is no longer needed in much of the UK. But the country cannot stay further from easing the situation. The number of infections in the UK is increasing dramatically. More than 50,000 cases have already been recorded each day – almost several at the height of the second wave at the beginning of the year.

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According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the weekend before the end of almost all corona operations in the UK, known as “Independence Day”, could not have been worse. To all the people Health Minister Sajid Javed was stuck with him Corona virus Ann – even though he has been vaccinated twice.

Corona in the UK: Johnson wanted to avoid isolation

Javid’s contacts were then Boris Johnson and his finance minister, Rishi Sunak – who initially sought to avoid the self-isolation that contacts needed. It was reported Sunday morning that the two are participating in a pilot program instead of daily tests.

Within three hours, after a nationwide outcry – after all, after the NHS had asked for ten days of self-isolation in contact with the victim – hundreds of thousands of Britons are now sitting at home – the government is back. Johnson was said to have found himself alone in his Checkers country garden.

Corona in the UK: Opening can be a “confusing day”

Meanwhile, the unions and employers’ unions recommended maintaining the need for the mask and at the same time ending the obligation to self-isolate vaccinated contacts. In many industries, especially with transportation companies, there are barriers to self-isolation of many employees. Mick Lynch, president of the Transport Association’s RMD (The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union), warned that the opening day, often hailed as “Independence Day”, could turn into “Chaos Day”.

On Monday morning, the National Health Service in the UK pulled the rip card as the NHS was overstaffed and relaxed the rules for self-isolation after contact with affected people. In exceptional cases, employees who have been vaccinated twice will be allowed to replace the mandatory ten-day self-isolation with a negative PCR test and daily antigen tests and continue to work, the government release said.

According to a report, up to 1.7 million people in the UK are currently isolated. It had already canceled train connections and had to close supermarket branches due to lack of adequate staff. Now that almost all corona operations have been eliminated in the UK, a further increase in “pingemic” is expected as the British media calls the event. “Bing” is the ringing of an alarm application or a call from a contact monitor on a cell phone.

Johnson reports from loneliness

Boris Johnson returned to his comrades from loneliness in a video message on Twitter, believing that a higher vaccination rate in the country would provide adequate protection against infection even without further action. 88 per cent of adults in the UK are now vaccinated for the first time. Nearly 68 percent have already been vaccinated twice. “The massive vaccination program has severely weakened the link between infection and hospitalization and infection and acute illness and death,” Johnson said.

However, the video message was not well received. According to The Independent, critics accuse the prime minister of adding fuel to the fire with his words because he showed no remorse for trying to avoid self-isolation. Johnson said in the video that he only saw that option briefly.

The video message was described by an SNP MP as “beyond parody”, while Labor’s front-runner Bridget Phillipson asked, “Does he think we’re all stupid?” He asked. The rules they imposed on others. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davy said: “The fact that he thought he could escape shows that he is utterly disgusted with the British people.”

Corona in the UK: 100,000 new infections a day “almost inevitable”

Experts doubt whether the protection provided by vaccines will be sufficient to withstand a large wave of infections. According to Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, it is “almost inevitable” that the number of new infections will soon exceed 100,000 every day. “The real question is whether it will be twice as much or even more,” Ferguson told the BBC on Sunday. He warned that in the worst case scenario, if the number of hospital admissions reaches 2,000 or 3,000 a day, action would have to be taken to bring the infection back under control.

Johnson really wants to prevent that. He always described his country’s path outside the lock as “cautious but unchangeable”. “Please, please, be careful,” he begged the Englishman. It is questionable whether he can still be persuaded. (sot with dpa)

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