February 1, 2023

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Corona Crisis: Anthony Fossy warns of a more dangerous virus variant than Delta

Since the inauguration of the President Joe Biden Was the corona principle of United States Really a success story. The vaccination campaign began with a strong start, while the number of new infections declined rapidly in the spring. Now, however, the delta variant has fully arrived in the United States And makes the situation worse again.

At the same time, there are significant numbers of people who oppose the vaccine and are reluctant to take protective action. Now an American health expert Anthony Fossie Warned against the development of a new, more dangerous variant that should not control the spread of the highly contagious delta mutant.

Fauci told NBC on Sunday: “If you allow the virus to spread freely and you do not try to prevent it, sooner or later you have a chance to get another variant (…) which may be more complicated than that, Delta.”

If the virus spreads and becomes more contagious, there is a risk that eventually a variant will develop – current vaccines – unlike delta – will not protect against it.

The epidemic must be brought under control, the chief immunologist and presidential adviser warned. The best way to do this is to get vaccinated. Vaccination requirements at the local level may be helpful.

“Terrible price” for refusing to vaccinate

Many vaccine suspects point out that so far there has only been emergency approval for vaccines against the corona virus in the United States. According to Fuci, the most important vaccines may soon be finally approved. “I hope this happens in August,” the virologist said.

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Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, an American research organization, warned that vaccine requirements could make a difference. He told the broadcaster ABC that the country was now paying a “terrible price” for not being vaccinated. Considerations for making large-scale vaccinations mandatory have been the subject of heated political controversy in the United States.

Due to the spread of the delta variant, the number of new infections in the United States has risen sharply again – an average of about 100,000 cases in seven days. The situation is particularly tense in countries with low vaccination rates. In the second half of June, the seven-day average averaged 11,000 new cases per day. The United States reported an average of 100,000 new infections each day in February.

The Commission recommends masks for children

According to the U.S. Health Commission CDC, a good half of the total population is now fully vaccinated. Nearly 59 percent of all citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. After a rapid pace, the vaccine campaign is now slowly advancing in view of widespread suspicion among the population. President Biden and high-ranking government officials are increasingly urging people to get vaccinated.

Regarding the risk of infection from asymptomatic children, the CDC recommended on Sunday that all children from the age of two should wear masks in public places – and thus openly in schools. Education Minister Miguel Cardona joined the council on CBS Broadcasting.

Governor of the Republican Party Florida, Ron Desantis, whose state was particularly badly affected by the recent corona wave – although all school districts had previously banned the mask before it was made mandatory.

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Desantis is portraying himself as a populist in the crisis – and is likely to be on the mindset already in the 2024 presidential election.