February 1, 2023

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Corona Current: Merkel and Scholes’ Conclusions – Politics

Outgoing President Angela Merkel (CDU) has spoken out in support of the introduction of the general compulsory corona vaccine in Germany. If he were still a member of the Bundestag for the planned referendum, he would vote for it, Merkel said after a federal-state change in Berlin. Despite all the ads for vaccination, there is a vaccine choice. All of those responsible believed that the volunteer vaccine would be better accepted. Merkel’s successor, Olaf Scholz (SPD), has announced that a parliamentary committee will vote unanimously on the need for a common vaccine in Bundestag.

There was a general obligation to get vaccinated before the Prime Ministerial Conference (MPK), which is to be voted on in Puntestock. Federal and state governments must seek a recommendation from the Ethical Council by the end of this year. Such obligation may apply from February 2022.

The Union Government and the Prime Ministers of the Central States have agreed to take drastic measures in the fight against the epidemic. Merkel spoke of the need for a “national unity movement” to reduce the number of infections and ease the situation in hospitals. The infection situation has calmed down, but at a very high level.

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Nationwide contact restrictions are planned for those who have not been vaccinated. Meetings attended by non-vaccinated people are in principle only possible with one’s own family and two members of another’s family. Children under the age of 14 are excluded. Accepted measures are minimum standards and states can tighten them.

In the future, only those who have been vaccinated or are recovering from an infection will have access to shops and cultural and leisure events. The 2-G rule already in place in some countries will be extended across the country and apply regardless of the respective events.

Schools should require a common mask; Even where it is not yet. Clubs and discos are closed when there is a high number of corona infections due to the risk of infection. Merkel said this applies to the seven-day incidence of 350 new infections per 100,000 population. NRW Prime Minister Hendrik West, the leader of the MPK, has called for a ban on the sale of fireworks on New Year’s Day. Fireworks should be banned in public places. Federal and state governments have decided on a rule similar to last year.

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Full Bundesliga venues like last weekend will no longer be available in the future. Federal and state governments plan to impose restrictions on spectators at major events. While some countries already rely on ghost games, only a maximum of 30 to 50 percent of spectators across the country should be allowed to attend sports, cultural and other important events. Inside, the load should be 5000 and outside 15,000 spectators. Access is only available to those who have been vaccinated and healed with medical masks.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the first, second and booster doses of 30 million are to be delivered, “if somehow achievable,” Scholes said of an “ambitious goal.” As general practitioners and vaccination centers become more difficult, more people will be able to pay for vaccines in the future. This includes pharmacists, nurses and dentists. There is a new federal-state crisis committee in the House of Representatives to deal with potential logistical issues under the guidance of Major General Gaston Brewer.

Merkel said the vaccine status could not be doubled or completed in the long run because vaccine protection would wear off for some time after vaccination. It is being discussed at the EU level that a second vaccine will lose its validity after nine months, so an increase is very important. There will be periods of change in which everyone will have the opportunity to renew their vaccine status. (02.12.2021)

Nationwide events dropped again to 439.2

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has registered 73,209 new infections in 24 hours. This is 2,752 fewer cases than the 75,961 cases reported on Thursday a week ago. The seven-day event drops to 439.2 from 442.9 the previous day. This value indicates how many people per 100,000 people have been infected with the corona virus in the last seven days. A further 388 people have died from the virus. This brings the number of deaths recorded in a single day to 102,178. In total, more than 5.97 million corona tests have been positive in Germany so far. (02.12.2021)

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Lauterbach calls for stricter contact restrictions for people who have not been vaccinated

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach insists on significant drastic measures to break the fourth corona wave. “First, all students should wear masks in the classroom until the Christmas holidays and test themselves daily at school,” Lotterbach said. Rhineish Post. “Second, the number of unvaccinated people across the country should be drastically reduced, preferably to just one person outside their own home.” Third, 2D rules are needed in public life, including retail.

“But because 25 percent of infections are spread entirely by people who have been vaccinated, 2-G-plus should be mandatory in restaurants, for example,” Lotterbach said. Fourth, all bars, clubs and discos should close immediately until the end of the fourth wave. “Fifth, all hospitals in Germany should immediately switch to emergency surgery and postpone all activities that are planned to keep corona patients and emergencies adequate capacity free.” (02.12.2021)

Brown wants a new range value between 300 and 400 for more drastic measures

The House of Representatives’ executive minister, Helge Brown (CDU), is in favor of an event value of between 300 and 400, from which drastic measures must be taken to control the corona. “Until we got vaccinated, it was clear: it was dangerous out of 100. It’s too late for action from 1000 cases as some countries are currently doing. We need a limit, which is my view. , “Says Brown Rhineish Post. The contact reduction of non-vaccinated individuals should be “very large”.

“The distance and mask rules apply to everyone, and we advise everything else. But one thing is clear: the infection rate among those who have not been vaccinated is currently ten times higher than those who have been vaccinated.” He knows that compulsory vaccination causes division in the community, and is “but an endless epidemic.” (02.12.2021)

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Fears retail loss in terms of nationwide 2-G rules

Retailers fear that sales and job losses could result from the 2G regulations nationwide. “In the middle of the Christmas business, affected retailers lose up to 50 percent of their sales,” said Stephen Gent, general manager of the German Chamber of Commerce (HDE), a newspaper of the Funke Media Group. “After locks that have already been exhausted for the past few months, many have not been able to deal with it.” The 2-G regulations for retailers have led to an increase in regulatory efforts, with the result that stores are standing in the front line. Thus many customers were pushed away from shopping.

Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) takes a similar view. “We expect 2G to fall by about 5.3 billion euros in fixed retail sales in December,” Christian Rush, an IW expert, told the Editorial Network in Germany. One has to consider that companies already in the second year during the important Christmas business are subject to massive restrictions. “The widespread introduction of 2G will have a particularly severe effect on small businesses. There are many indications that many owners will consider whether opening a business is still worthwhile. For this reason, it would make sense to provide financial assistance to victims. Remove bureaucratic barriers to providing assistance.” (02.12.2021)