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Corona: Denmark is now the most dangerous area | NDR.de – News – Schellswick-Holstein

Status: 19.12.2021 11:23 am

As of today, the federal government has classified Denmark as a high-risk area. The number of corona in the country is increasing day by day and this phenomenon is currently heading towards 1,000 – driven by the Omigron variant.

Anyone who enters Denmark and is not fully vaccinated or cured should be isolated for ten days, arriving soon and being able to get rid of it only by a negative test five days later. Individuals who have been vaccinated and cured must upload the relevant documents online if they have been in Denmark for more than 24 hours. The background is that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Friday that Denmark was classified as a high-risk region.

No virus variation area

So Denmark will not become part of the virus variant. As a result, all vacationers will be isolated for 14 days. Now only those who have not been vaccinated are subjected to isolation for at least five days on their return to Germany. Passengers are exempt. Peter Hanson, head of the Office of Passengers across the border, was relieved. In addition, day trips are possible for everyone without isolation. This means you can continue shopping in Dance Germany.

Omigron raises the numbers

The number of corona in Denmark driven by the Omigron variant is currently increasing rapidly. The event is now heading towards the 1,000 mark. On Friday, the number of new infections reached a record high of about 12,000. Prime Minister Mete Frederickson said one-fifth of them have the Omigran variant.

Denmark has announced new corona rules

As this variation spreads faster than the delta variant, the government announced measures to reduce population activity. Theaters, theaters, zoos, amusement parks and event halls are closed and restaurants are only open until 11pm. Furthermore, vaccination and testing are to be intensified. The government had last week decided to send school children a week before the Christmas holidays.

With the exception of Luxembourg, all of Germany’s neighbors are now classified as high-risk corona areas. Apart from Denmark, France, Norway, Lebanon and Andorra were also classified by the federal government as high-risk areas on Friday.

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The virus variant Omikron has registered several vaccines in Denmark. There are some that have already been raised. Further

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