December 10, 2022

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Corona: Despite being in touch with Corona, the Prime Minister of Finland celebrates – and receives harsh criticism

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Celebration of the Head of Government of Finland despite the Corona connection – many Finns are outraged

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Bundestock advises on improving the Infection Protection Act. As an additional corona measure, restaurants are under threat of closure and a ban on leisure, sporting and cultural events.

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Finnish Prime Minister Channa Marin has come under fire for attending an early-morning party despite having contact with the victim. The 36-year-old publicly apologized.

FA few hours after his foreign minister tested positive for the corona virus, he was criticized at a party by Home Minister Sanna Marin. According to a poll released on Tuesday, two-thirds of Finns consider the PM’s behavior a “grave mistake.” The 36-year-old had previously publicly apologized.

On Monday, a gossip magazine published photos of the head of state at a discotheque in Helsinki. So Marin went out on Saturday evening and danced until early morning. Foreign Minister Becca Havisto tested positive on the same day.

She went out with her husband, met friends, and “enjoyed evening and night life,” the Social Democrat said on Facebook. Previously, it was officially guaranteed that one would not have to isolate oneself according to applicable corona guidelines, even if one was in contact with someone who had been proven to be infected.

“I should have used better judgment and double-checked the pointers given to me,” Marin said. “I’m so sorry I did not understand I should have done it.”

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In a European comparison, Finland has so far come through epidemics. With a population of 5.5 million, the country has an estimated 196,000 infections and 1,384 deaths. However, the number of new infections in 308 cases per 100,000 people in the last two weeks is higher than ever before.

Marin was the youngest head of government in the world at the time of his appointment in 2019. He has already been criticized several times for parties in his official residence and for posts on online networks that have been criticized as suspicious. “I am representative of the younger generation,” he said. “Yes, it reflects the way I work and live.”

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