January 28, 2023

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Corona epidemic in Germany: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania releases Astrogeneka for all ages – Knowledge

According to locals, the EU is waiving 300 million vaccine doses

According to locals, the EU does not want to buy another 300 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from manufacturers AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. “No need to use options”A senior EU official told Reuters. However, the exclusion of both companies from future contracts is premature. Talks continued about booster vaccines and additional distributions for virus strains. A spokesman for the European Commission did not want to comment, but said the options could be used at any time. Both companies did not want to comment on the matter.

The European Union has a contract with J&J for a total of 400 million cans, of which 200 million have been invited to date, and 400 million cans with AstroGeneca, of which 300 million have been ordered. The vaccine, especially from Astrogeneka, fights acceptable complications due to the rare occurrence of thrombosis. In Germany, for example, this solution can only be used by people 60 and older. In addition, there was a dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca over supply issues at the pharmaceutical company. Insiders said this was also one of the reasons why the option for the Astrogeneca vaccine was not used.

Then began the supply of the approved J&J vaccine to the EU, but even with this vaccine there were very rare cases of thrombosis among the more than seven million people vaccinated in the United States. Both drugs are vector vaccines based on the harmless cold virus. The EU now wants to rely on MRNA vaccines such as BioTech / Pfizer primarily for its corona vaccine campaign.. EU chairwoman Ursula van der Leyen said last week that the commission was currently negotiating orders and would prioritize contracts with manufacturers of MRNA vaccines.

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Last week the commission began negotiations with Bioendech and Pfizer on a new deal to buy 1.8 billion cans. The European Community has received 600 million cans this year. The EU has purchased 310 million doses of Moderna this year and has the potential to purchase another 150 million doses by 2022. The EU also has an agreement with Curaao, but the dubbing-based company’s MRNA corona vaccine has not yet been approved. (Reuters)