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Corona epidemic: The number of new cases in the UK is declining

Status: 07/30/2021 5:06 p.m.

Despite the government removing corona restrictions, the number of new infections in the UK has been declining. Experts see several reasons for this – and predict another increase.

Christoph Brussel, ART-Studio London

“We are on the third wave,” said Jonathan Van-Tom, the BBC’s deputy chief medical officer for the British government. But he is very confident that the bad situation is over. Daily infection numbers have been rising again for two days, but have dropped significantly in the past and are now promising.

Christoph Brussel
ARD-Studio London

In mid-July, the Public Health UK (PHE) recorded more than 60,000 infections in a single day. In the political debate Fear of being identifiedThe UK is fast approaching 100,000 epidemics a day. Importantly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on July 19 that the last hurdle should be removed. It’s mainly about meetings with a lot of people, concerts and night club visits that are now possible again. But in the following days, the number of infections decreased. On July 25, PHE recorded 21,574 infections. Yesterday, 31,117 cases were reported.

Johnson is back in the openings

Experts like medical professor Paul Hunter explain that the decline is due to a number of reasons: due to good weather, many people meet outside, not in closed rooms, the European Football Championship is now far behind as the driver of many epidemics and a large number of people are vaccinated in the United Kingdom. The first vaccination for 88.4 per cent of adults in the UK and 71.4 per second, according to the BHE.

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Earlier in the week, Hunter predicted a small increase, which now opens on July 19th. Johnson is already back. From September, individuals going to a nightclub will have to prove that they both have the vaccines. Many see it as a foreign exchange to vaccinate, especially young people.

However, the latest figures from the Office for Statistics (ONS), the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show a further trend. ONS tests whether or not people are experiencing symptoms. In the week leading up to July 24, the proportion of victims among the population continued to rise, according to the authority. In the UK, for example, 1.57 per cent of the population. Duncan Cook, assistant director of the Govt-19 Infection Report, said: “These data show that the number of infections is increasing, but there is evidence that the increase is declining.

Thousands need to be isolated

Although many Britons consider the move wrong, the July 19 relaxation has not been discussed. This is shown by a recent poll by “Politico” magazine. 46 per cent of Britons say the latest restrictions were lifted too soon. 33 per cent found it appropriate to withdraw, while twelve per cent said it was too late.

Although the number of victims is relatively small, the number of people being asked through warning app to go into isolation is increasing. Data released yesterday shows that nearly 700,000 alerts have been sent to users. Trade unions and companies complain that employees are being isolated. Supermarkets had to stop deliveries, shelves were empty, and trains were canceled in London.

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There are exceptions, especially for important industries such as the food trade and health services. Until August 16, Johnson announced that those who had been double-vaccinated would not have to be isolated if they had been warned. Opposition leader Khair Stormer called on Labor to move the date forward.