January 28, 2023

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Corona eruption in perpetual snow: Affected people have to leave Antarctic station

Corona eruption in eternal snow
Victims must leave the Antarctic station

Argentina maintains several research centers in Antarctica. Corona eruption occurs at one base. Effect: Many infected people who have not been vaccinated should leave them for safety.

Nine unvaccinated staff who tested positive have been expelled as the corona exploded at an Argentine research site in Antarctica. A total of 24 of the 43 scientists and military personnel at the La Esperanza site have been affected, said Patricia Ordzur, of the Argentine government’s National Antarctic Agency. As a precaution, asymptomatic vaccinators were airlifted to the capital, Buenos Aires, by helicopter.

Prior to Argentina’s vaccination campaign began in 2021, staff were already in Antarctica and planned to travel to the capital to be vaccinated. However, fearing side effects that could occur in the extreme environment of Antarctica, they decided to stop vaccinating in Argentina.

The situation at the La Esperanza site is “under control,” Ortuzar said. The other 15 corona-positive employees, asymptomatic, were basically with the other team. Everyone is vaccinated.

La Esperanza base, founded in 1952 in the extreme northwest of Antarctica, is one of 13 Argentine bases, six of which are permanently manned. During the winter months, Argentina employs about 200 scientists, military personnel and aides on its permanent bases. The eruption in La Esperanza began on January 12, and a resident of the site may have been affected by a newcomer, Ortuzar said. All other sites are not govt yet.

The corona eruption at the Argentine base was not the first in Antarctica; The first infections in Chile based in December 2020 had already been reported.

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