January 28, 2023

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Corona: Fourth Biotech vaccine does not provide adequate protection ++ Lotterbag warns

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Corona: Study – The fourth vaccine does not protect against Omigran

Oxfam: The Corona crisis has pushed another 160 million people into poverty

Oxfam: The Corona crisis has pushed another 160 million people into poverty

According to a study, the corona crisis has exacerbated global social inequality. The aid and development organization Oxfam complains about the “profit logic” of the epidemic economy.

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The new variant of the corona virus often avoids vaccine protection. Israel’s data also gives little hope. All information on the blog.

  • According to an Israeli study, the fourth corona vaccine did not provide adequate protection against Omigran.
  • In Saxony, hundreds of people are protesting against the Corona deniers
  • Lotterback found no reason to clarify everything
  • RKI announces another record event for Germany on Monday

Berlin Number Corona – New infections are constantly on the rise. He said this on Monday Robert Koch Company Occurrence of (RKI) 528.2 – A new record value. For many, corona is a way out of infectionMandatory vaccination. But it remains to be seen whether this will come.

More about: Corona in Germany – Overview of RKI’s current statistics

Carl Lotterbach There is no reason to clarify everything about corona infection. “I warn against underestimating Omikron,” the health minister told a news conference in Schwerin with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig on Monday. Most of the beds for intensive care of corona patients are already full. Delta-variant Contagious.

Corona news from Monday, January 17, 2022: Thousands of people take to the streets again against the actions of Corona

9:53 pm: As on previous Mondays, thousands of people across Germany took action against the Corona operation and in the evening one possible Mandatory vaccination Proved. Protests from one Large police force Protests also took place in several places. At first only a few incidents took place. Meetings were repeatedly disbanded because the police chief could not be found or because of a breach of duty to protect the mouth and nose.

According to police, thousands of people protested against the Corona operation in Berlin. One of the larger demos moved in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate from Alexanderplatz, where, according to the banner, “vaccinated against compulsory vaccination and not vaccinated”. Some were wearing masks. A loudspeaker rang out: “Merkel, Spahn, Steinmeier, to Troston prison”. In front ZDF Capital Studio The train stopped for an interim rally. One speaker insulted the “compliant” “German media” as much as he did in 1933, and he also spoke of the “lying press”.

Israeli study: The fourth vaccine is not enough

8:38 pm: Fourth Corona vaccine According to an Israeli study, Omigron did not provide adequate protection against variation. Those who have been vaccinated four times are more likely to be infected, said Kylie Reeve, a professor at Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv. Two weeks after the fourth dose of the product from Biotech/ Pfizer, “good increase” in antibodies can be seen.

Their number is slightly higher after the third vaccination. “But this good value is not enough for Omigron.” Recave stressed that these were interim results of the study, so he did not want to give more accurate figures.

About 150 people who took part in the study received a fourth dose of the vaccine from Biontech-Pfizer two weeks ago. One week ago, 120 participants received the fourth vaccine after three doses of Biotech / Pfizer. Modern.

Recave said this is the world’s first attempt to get a fourth vaccine with integrated vaccines. After a week the results of both groups will be very similar. “We do not see a significant difference.”

National Volleyball Team: The other five players are positive

8:34 pm: Before the final opening round match of the German handball players at the European Championship against Poland, the other five players tested positive. That means a total of seven players will not take part in this Tuesday’s game.

Struggle in Saxony against Corona deniers

8:23 pm: In many Saxon cities Hundreds of people took to the streets Against corona deniers, Vaccine opponents and conspiracy theorists express opposition. In Leipzig, 400 to 500 people, including nursing staff and medical students, gathered under the motto “Show Attitude”. They campaigned for solidarity and showed solidarity with Dresden medical students who marched around the university clinic on Thursday. Because there were too many participants, they were fined. Demonstrations also took place in Chemnitz, Dresden and Svikov against the ongoing protests against the corona policy.

The right-wing extremist micro-party “Free Sachsen” has called for protests in more than 150 places in the independent state. Hundreds of state coroners and anti-vaccine activists were back on the streets. Elsewhere, about 650 people gathered in the town of Bautzen, according to police. Among them were nurses who protested against compulsory vaccination in the workplace. According to the audience, 1000 corona protesters gathered in Freiburg.

A new Corona blog starts here. All corona news from January 17th You can find it here.

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