January 28, 2023

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Corona in Great Britain: London calls for vaccination of pregnant women

Status: 07/31/2021 4:59 p.m.

So far, many pregnant women in Great Britain have been skeptical about the corona virus vaccine. But that is about to change: the government is strongly advising people to get vaccinated based on the new study.

The delta variant is widespread in Great Britain. That is why British health officials have called for all pregnant women to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Jacqueline Dungle-Bent, a senior midwife at the Health Service in the UK, has published an open letter to pregnant women, general practitioners and obstetricians.

He pointed out in a new study that unvaccinated pregnant women are at risk of developing serious diseases since the delta variant began to spread across the country. Dungle-Bent explained that the vaccine would protect pregnant women from going to the hospital. He can save the lives of mother and baby.

The proportion of pregnant women has increased

According to a new study from Oxford University, the proportion of pregnant women hospitalized with mild and severe infections has increased “significantly” since the appearance of the delta variant in May. 99% of them have not been vaccinated and one in ten should be given intensive treatment.

Marion Knight, head of the study, which was published online last week, said: “The good news is that some pregnant women who have been vaccinated with Covit-19 have been admitted to the hospital.”

Babies in the womb also benefit

Officials in the UK have been recommending that pregnant women get vaccines from BioTech / Pfizer or Moderna since April. But many women refuse the vaccine because they are afraid that it will harm the baby or they are waiting for more information.

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The director of the study assured that expectant mothers can be “reassured”. The corona vaccine is safe. Babies in the womb of mothers also benefit because antibodies are also sent to them.