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Corona in Great Britain: Makes Indian Variation Easier

As of: May 16, 2021 12:47 am

Incidents are low in the UK and all corona restrictions should be lifted by mid-June. But it is now questionable again. The reason is the Indian virus variant.

From Christophe Press,
ARD-Studio London

In Bolton, northwest England, NHS health workers are being vaccinated against the spread of the Indian variant of the corona virus. In the morning, the BBC reported long queues in front of NHS vehicles and tents. At the beginning of the week, three people were vaccinated at the site, but 42 are now busy making vaccines, says Helen Wall, head of the vaccination campaign in Bolton.

Christoph Brussel
ARD-Studio London

Areas of Bolton and London have been badly affected

By the end of the day, 4,000 people should have been vaccinated. The military should help with the test. People over the age of 50 should get a second vaccination soon.

Bolton is severely affected by a new variant of the corona virus. Like other parts of the northwest of England and Scotland, and some parts of London. The incidence is lower in the UK, averaging 23. In the affected areas, this value has risen significantly in the last few days.

Will the relaxation be postponed?

The Indian variant is considered the most easily convertible – up to 50 per cent, say experts from the Advisory Board to the British Government. It is feared that the easing, which will take effect on Monday, will lead to more infections. From May 17, a house can meet up to six people, and cinemas should also be open. On June 21, all restrictions will fall.

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“We still don’t know how much of a change the new variant can make,” says Health Secretary Edward Arger. “If the relocation is a little strong, it should not change our plans so much. If the relocation is significantly higher, we should reconsider the plan for June 21st.”

Protest: The government acted too late

It is not yet clear how well vaccines work against the new variant. Anthony Horton, a professor at the University of Oxford, told the BBC4 radio station that he thought vaccines would often reduce mild cases and at the same time make them harsher. But it also means expecting more exchange.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference on Friday that he would act quickly once the data became clear. The government will do whatever it takes to protect the people of Britain.

The opposition accused Johnson of acting too late. On April 9, the government had already put Bangladesh and Pakistan on the red list. Since then, trips to Great Britain have only been allowed in emergencies, with travelers having to go to isolation and specially designated hotels. In the case of India, where the situation was similar, these measures were not taken until April 23.