January 28, 2023

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Corona in India: Double mutation – Lottery warns of new danger

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Indian mutation discovered in Belgium – Lotharbach warns

Dual mutant in India: What do you know about P.1.617

Dual mutant in India: What do you know about P.1.617

The number of corona cases in India is exploding. The reason for this may be a double mutation of two types. The data situation is far from perfect.

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Corona variant B.1.617 is spreading fast in India. This is a double mutation. Scientists are wary.


  • India announces new global rise in corona infections
  • One reason for this is the new corona mutation. The first cases have already been detected in Europe
  • This is what experts say about corona mutation under the name of P.1617

New corona variant In that event Causing a stir. The mutant has a name P.1617 And is spreading rapidly in the world’s most populous country after China. In addition to the B.1.1.7 variant, which was first discovered in Great Britain and decisive for third-wave infections in Germany, scientists are now sounding the alarm for the Brazilian and South African variants, now the fourth SARS-Cov-2 mutant.

According to virologists, this is called a Double mutationBecause it has two types: E484Q and L452R. These two have already been found separately in Corona variant B.1.429, which is prevalent in the British, South African and California. In India they can now be identified together for the first time in a viral variant.

Variation B.1.617 leads to an explosion in the number of cases in India

Scientists have been observing various individuals with anxiety for months Corona types. Some infections, while others are less effective than vaccines. One found in India Mutant May have both properties. Therefore, mutation may also be a factor Very strong increase in new epidemics in India Both.

The number of cases in the country has exploded. On Friday, the country reached a new global record with 332,730 new epidemics in 24 hours. The total number of epidemics in India rose to about 16.2 million. The death toll was 186,920, with 2,263 deaths on Thursday alone. On Tuesday, the Foreign Office in Berlin asked Germans in India not to vaccinate against the corona virus “to consider a temporary return to Germany until the medical supply situation improves.”

In addition to the new double mutation, religious, political and sporting mass events are also contributing to the increase in the number of recent epidemics. The situation is exacerbated by dramatic conditions in hospitals. Across the country, there is a shortage of oxygen supply, beds and antiviral drugs to provide Covit-19 patients. Hospitals ask for help – as do the relatives of critically ill patients. The entire health care system of the country is on the verge of collapse.

To make matters worse, at least 13 other corona patients died in a fire at an intensive care unit in Virar on Friday night. The death toll is likely to rise, a fire department employee told reporters.

Variation B.1.617 is already spreading in Great Britain

To the Indians Variation B.1.617 There is not much data, and it is by far the rarest in Europe, says Richard Neher, head of a research team on evolution viruses and bacteria at the University of Basel’s biocentre. “The reliable trend cannot be deduced from a few more observations, but it must be carefully observed.”

In England At least 77 cases with B.1.617 have already been detected. On Thursday, this variation was first detected in a group of 20 Indian students in Belgium. A member of the British Cabinet said there was no evidence that the variant was more contagious than previously known or did not respond to vaccines. SPD Health Specialist Carl Lotterbach However, it does warn of potential dangers.

As mentioned in Politician B.1.617 Twitter As if to worry. The rate of variation in Great Britain is growing faster than all other types. There are already many vaccinated people. This development also represents a particular danger to Germany because B.1.1.7 “came to us very quickly via Great Britain”.

Indian corona mutation: WHO examines risk

The World Health Organization (WHO), Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and other experts are still reluctant to assess the variance from India. P.1617 A spokesman for the German newspaper RKI said there was no “relevant evidence” as it was classified as “worrying”. “In Germany, a total of eight rows have been identified from March 1.617.”

Variation carries two Mutations In surface protein known from other lines under observation, RKI explains. Both are “associated with reduced ability to be neutralized by antibodies or T cells, the extent of which is not clear.” Meaning: Possibility Vaccine Survivors are less protected from the infection of this variant.

Corona virus – the most important news at a glance

Corona mutations: Are vaccines less effective?

Even on South Africa (P.1.351) and Brazil (B.1) Discovered types, This property is feared. The WHO classifies both as anxiety – the so-called “anxiety variant”. This applies to the highly contagious mutant B.1.1.7 discovered in Great Britain at the end of 2020, a variant that now dominates Germany by more than 90 per cent.

A variant that spreads very easily, causes very serious illnesses, escapes from the immune system, changes the clinical appearance or is considered anxious if known Performance As the WHO spokesman explained, the known tools have dwindled. Read about: How effective are vaccines against corona mutations?

The Indian Ministry of Health was first called at the end of March Double mutant Announced. Some experts in India believe that mutations contribute to the rapidly increasing epidemics in the country. More relocation has not yet been officially proven. Christian Troston, head of virology at the Berlin Foundation, said the end of March did not see Indian diversity as a cause for concern.

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