December 10, 2022

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Corona in Munich: The phenomenon is falling again – it is below a critical value

Regarding the introduction of the digital vaccine pass, Holetzek clarifies: “There will always be bugs”.

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Good news to start the weekend: Events in Munich have slowed down a bit. Next week, for example, there will be digital vaccination certification in pharmacies. All messages in the ticker.

  • After an increase in events in Munich over the past few days, the value has now dropped slightly again (See first report).
  • Digital vaccination certificate will soon be available in the free state – but Holetzek warns in advance (See update from June 12, 1:47 pm).
  • All the news about the corona situation in Munich and Bavaria is on the ticker here.

June 12, 1:47 p.m. Although there has been no major development in corona cases in Munich and the Independent State, the vaccination campaign is progressing.

Corona in Bavaria: Introduction to the Digital Vaccine Pass – “There Will Always Be Mistakes”

Recent discovery: From next week, digital vaccines will be gradually available, including certified pharmacies.
However, Bavaria’s health minister, Klaus Holtzek, did not rule out a flat start. “There may be a problem or another problem in the process. There will always be mistakes, and you will not make any mistakes unless you do something,” the CSU politician stressed in an interview with the newspaper. “Main-Echo”.

When it comes to the digital evidence for the vaccine, there are different groups. “Anyone who has been vaccinated at vaccination centers
Now obtains the required certificate directly. There are technical prerequisites, ”explains Holetzek.

Corona in Bavaria: Despite the digital version – Vaccine manual is valid

Those who have already been vaccinated at a vaccination center can access the certificate through the “Pamco Sister Website” (Bavarian Vaccine Portal). For everyone else, this route has to go through hotlines, pharmacies and doctors’ offices. “Our Claim: Each can quickly and easily get certified for uploading to both applications in the Cow Pass or Corona Alert app,” says Holetzek.

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The yellow vaccine manual is valid. Holetsek: “My 89-year-old mother could never digitally register for the vaccine – like many older relatives in the free state did for her.”

Original message from 9.29am on June 12:

Munich – With the current 20 incidents, there are no complaints in the state capital. For comparison: the previous day, according to RKI, it was 20.1 and on Thursday, June 10, it was 18.7. And so on Corona-The epidemic rate in Munich has finally dropped again – well below the current Bavarian national average of 22. The short-term increase fell to seven last week’s public holiday, which was badly reported. Day event.

Corona in Munich: Numbers have dropped slightly – below the Bavarian national average

However, looking at the RKI dashboard shows that Bayern cannot continue across the country. Because here it is Event It was already down to 18.7 on Saturday morning.

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