February 1, 2023

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Corona: Many times more common among people who have not been vaccinated

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The incidence is many times higher among people who have not been vaccinated

“If there are only vaccinators and healers in the room, security will automatically be higher”

A British study shows that the risk of hospitalization is twice as high if a delta variant infection occurs. The risk increases, especially for those who have not been vaccinated. The debate over 2G continues.

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Seven-day incidence is much higher in those who are not vaccinated than in those who are not vaccinated. This is suggested by the first figures now presented by individual federal states. Although there is still skepticism in the calculation, there is a trend.

D.He is becoming an epidemic for those who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus. This is recommended by all the statistics released by the federal states so far. Thus said Hamburg First Mayor Peter Sensher (SPD) on Friday said vaccinated and cured people “had no significant role” in the infection process. Seven-day incidence for those who have been vaccinated is 3.36 – the value for those who have not been vaccinated is 78.12, which is 23 times higher.

These values ​​have already led to consequences. The mayor said you can’t ignore these numbers and further control all who are vaccinated. Based on the estimates, Hamburg introduced the controversial 2-G optional model, which would decide whether to allow only vaccines and healers in the future, and then largely exempt from corona restrictions. If the organizer decides to do so, unvaccinated individuals will not be allowed to participate, even with a negative test.

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Similar numbers will come out Bayern. “We currently have an unvaccinated epidemic,” said Bavaria’s Minister of Health, Glass Holetzek (CSU) on Friday. Although the number of people vaccinated was just 9.2, it was 110.6 for those who had not been vaccinated, thus higher than the average incidence in Bavaria, which was 62 on the RKI.

According to Holetschek, 85 percent of Covid 19 patients treated in Bavarian hospitals between late July and mid-August were not vaccinated. “It speaks very clear language.”

Shelswick-Holstein: Ten times more valuable among unvaccinated people

Numbers are also known Schellswick-Holstein: The rate of infection among those who have not been vaccinated is 104.2 in the northern state, which is ten times higher than those who have been vaccinated, a health ministry spokesman said on Friday. On vaccination, the value was 8.8.

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A sister with a Govt-19 patient who needs ventilation

According to the Ministry of Health, the cases taken into account come from the reports of health officials and the reference value of data from the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute.

Was the last Suspicion In the correct calculation of numbers. In Hamburg, it said the event should not be related to the total population but to the respective subgroup. If you create a subgroup, the value of those who are not vaccinated will be even higher. Since the federal states do not issue their proper bills and may proceed differently, the statistics are difficult to understand. But it looks like this: the incidence of the disease among people who have not been vaccinated is many times higher than among those who have been vaccinated.

The vaccination rate in Schleswig-Holstein is 63.9 percent higher. Fifty-eight percent of the population in Bavaria is now fully vaccinated, compared to 60 percent in the whole of Germany.

Epidemiologist Glass Stahr described the increasing incidence as “expected growth” compared to “Munchner Mercury”, which was “no reason to warn”. However, he stressed that one should be concerned about the more than four million unvaccinated people over the age of 60 in Germany: “They are still fully infected with the virus.”

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