December 10, 2022

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Corona new infections: Israel once again surpassed 1000

D.Number notified within a day New corona infections Over 1000 in Israel for the first time in four months. Within 24 hours, 1118 new cases were reported, the health ministry said on Saturday. This is the highest number since mid-March. However, at the height of the epidemic in January, the number of daily cases in Israel was over 10,000.

Prime Minister of Israel Naphtali Bennett In a consultation on Friday, the delta variation led to an increase in corona cases worldwide, “even in vaccinated countries such as Great Britain, the United States and Israel”. Currently, the rating is “the effectiveness of existing vaccines against delta variability is weaker than we expected”. It turns out that the problem cannot be solved by vaccination alone. The delta variant was first discovered in India and is considered particularly contagious.

In light of the new rise in epidemics, Israel plans to reintroduce restrictions on gathering more than 100 people in closed rooms from Wednesday. Again, only those who have been vaccinated, are active or have negative test results will be allowed to participate in such events. In addition, it is mandatory to wear the mask again in closed rooms.

About 62 percent of the country’s 9.3 million people have already received the first corona vaccine, and more than 56 percent have received the second dose. The number of seriously ill increased from 19 to 58 within a month. More than half of them have at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health Corona virus Get. The number of people seriously ill in January was about 1,200.

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