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Corona News Ticker: Croatia and Bulgaria are now high-risk areas | – News

Status: 10/24/2021 8:14 am

On Live Ticker, will inform you today – Sunday, October 24, 2021 – about the effects of the corona virus on Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, McLenberg, West Pomerania and Hamburg. You can read yesterday’s news On our blog from Saturday Read up.

The essentials are summarized:

  • Croatia and Bulgaria are now considered high-risk areas
  • Chairman of the District Council for the discussion on compulsory vaccination for teachers
  • New infections reported in the north: 1,042 inches Lower Saxony, 214 in Shelswick-Holstein
  • RKI: 13,732 new corona cases registered across the country – events 106.3

Tables and Graphics: This is how the vaccination campaign in the North works
Map: New infections in northern German districts

8:14 am

Lower Saxony: The seven-day event is now over 60

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 1,042 new corona cases have been registered in Lower Saxony in the last 24 hours. In comparison: 408 people yesterday, 498 last Sunday. The number of new infections confirmed for seven days per 100,000 people nationwide has risen to 60.7 from 53.8 the previous day. A week ago the value was exactly 50.0. Among urban and rural districts, the incidence is 184.2 in Globenburg and the lowest in Oldenburg, 20.6. After three more confirmed deaths related to corona infection, the total death toll in Lower Saxony has risen to 6,060 since the outbreak began.

8:08 p.m.

Chairman of the District Council for the discussion on compulsory vaccination for teachers

Following the outbreak of corona infection, the German District Association calls for a discussion on compulsory vaccination, for example for nurses and educators in schools and day care centers. President Reinhard Sagar told Funky Media Group newspapers that “it should definitely be on the political agenda in the fall.” One should be aware that those who make voluntary decisions against vaccine protection are also protected. While this is reasonable, the “question of how long the community can support it” should be allowed from a certain point.

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Seker also demanded that the federal and state governments agree on a path out of corona controls. In this way, we can show a clear perspective to the people in the country. The expiration of the federal government’s epidemic situation was called “correct” by the head of the district council, as discussed by Health Minister Jens Spann (CDU) in late November. Measures such as masks, distance and ventilation still need to be observed during the winter months.

07:46 am

Experts: Many children are suffering from respiratory diseases at this time

Many young children with respiratory problems currently need to be treated in hospitals in the fall / winter. According to experts, children are currently catching infections that struck a year ago due to corona infection and school closures. But despite the increase in the number of small patients with respiratory infections, pediatric hospitals, for example in Hanover, are still not crowded. A spokesman for the German press said the condition of the MHH children’s clinic was not currently a problem. Whether the current trend continues with multiple respiratory infections or the initial “period of infection” cannot be answered at this time. Off der Bult Children and Youth Hospital has taken a large number of children with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. This upper respiratory tract infection is especially dangerous in preterm infants and children who became ill before the first year of life. Spokesman Bjorn-Oliver Pansh said the stations are well used. Once the skills are exhausted, they will work with other pediatric hospitals as in previous years to move patients if necessary.

07:04 am

Croatia and Bulgaria are considered high risk areas

The federal government has revised the list of high-risk areas for foreign corona, with new classifications coming into effect today. From a German point of view, the EU states of Croatia and Bulgaria are now considered high-risk areas. This also applies to Cameroon, Singapore and the Republic of Congo. In contrast, Honduras, Iraq, Kenya and Kosovo were removed from the list. Passengers from high-risk areas must remain in isolation for ten days in Germany unless they are vaccinated or recover. Robert Koch’s risk list currently includes about 70 countries or parts of these countries.

07:04 am

RKI: 13,732 new infections have been reported across the country

Robert Koch Company (RKI) released the current Corona numbers for Germany early in the morning. Accordingly, the seven-day incidence of confirmed new corona cases was over 106.3 (previous day: 100.0 / previous week: 72.7) for the first time since mid-May across the country. Health officials in Germany say the RKI will be out within a day. 13,732 new corona infections (previous day: 15,145 / previous week: 8,682). According to reports, 23 more deaths related to Govt 19 disease have been reported in Germany within 24 hours. Since the outbreak, the number of people who have died or been infected with the SARS-Cove-2 virus has risen to 95,100.

07:04 am

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07:04 am

Service: Determine the event value for your place of residence

Seven days of new corona infections are moving in northern Germany. If you want to know what is happening in your city or district, enter your zip code here.

07:04 am

Shellswick-Holstein: Event rises to 56.6

The number of new corona infections confirmed for seven days per 100,000 people since last Sunday has more than doubled in Schleswig-Holstein. According to health officials, it was 27.9 a week ago, but now stands at 56.6 (previous day: 52.4). 241 new corona cases have been reported across the country (previous day: 252 / previous week: 105). The number of deaths or deaths from corona infection during epidemics in Schleswig-Holstein remains unchanged at 1,712. Of the 64 patients currently being treated in hospitals across the country, 16 are reported to be in need of intensive care.

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07:04 am

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