January 28, 2023

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Corona: RKI registers more than 75,000 new infections – death toll exceeds 100,000

IAccording to the official census, more than 100,000 people died in Germany with Govit-19. The Robert Koch company gave the Thursday morning number to 100,119. This reflects the status of the RKI dashboard at 3:47 p.m. The number of new corona infections spreading in a single day has crossed the 70,000 mark for the first time.

According to RKI, health officials registered 75,961 cases in 24 hours. Exactly one week ago, 65,371 new infections were reported. The seven-day incidence was 419.7 – which is even higher since the outbreak began. For comparison: the previous day’s value was 404.5 and a week ago it was 336.9 (previous month: 110.1).

According to the latest information, 351 deaths have been reported in 24 hours across Germany. A week ago, 264 people died. The RKI estimates that 5,573,756 infections have been diagnosed with Sars-CoV-2 since the outbreak. Since many infections are undiagnosed, the actual total number can be significantly higher.

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The number of corona patients admitted to clinics per 100,000 people in seven days was given by RKI on Wednesday as 5.74 (Tuesday: 5.60). Value plays an important role in assessing the incidence of infection. Violation of limit values ​​of 3, 6 and 9 in federal states may result in drastic measures to combat the epidemic.

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8:45 am – Sao Paulo declares itself “the vaccine capital of the world”

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According to official reports, the Brazilian metropolitan city of Sவோo Paulo has fully vaccinated all adults against the corona virus. The city health secretariat announced Wednesday evening. Authorities estimate there are more than 9.2 million people over the age of 18. According to the Health Secretariat, the vaccination rate is just over 100 percent. This is because people living elsewhere were also vaccinated in Sவோo Paulo.

The largest city in South America is estimated to have a population of over 12.3 million. At the height of the uncontrollable corona wave in March and April, the health system collapsed and mass graves were dug in the affluent economic metropolis. Health Secretary Edson Aparecido now calls Sao Paulo the “vaccine capital of the world”. He told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper: “I thank the people who adhered to the vaccine and saved their lives and the lives of others.”

08:22 – Seven day events in Saxony for the first time over 1000

For the first time in a federal state, the event value has risen to over 1000. According to Saxony, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recorded a value of 1,074.6 on Thursday, with 100,000 new corona infections reported in a week in the state on Wednesday.

In one day, health officials in Saxony counted 11,581 new corona infections, and 42 deaths. Nationwide, the seven-day event was 419.7 (previous day: 404.5).

8:19 am – Ramalo: The Corona Crisis Team of the Traffic Lights Alliance makes sense

Ramengo, the Prime Minister of Thuringia, wants to support the new Transport Lighting Coalition’s plan to set up a crisis committee at the Presidential Palace during the Corona epidemic. This is a sensible proposal, the left-wing politician said in Deutschlandfunk on Thursday. The Thuringian Interior Ministry brought this up in the spring. In addition, Ramalo stressed that it was wrong to remove the federal emergency before the new government took office.

Ramalo does not understand people who do not want to be vaccinated. Vaccine duty should be considered. In Thuringia, it was 773.2 on Thursday, the second highest nationwide after Saxony (1074.6).

8:14 am – Bavaria’s clinics warn of a serious Christmas emergency

Given the rapidly increasing number of corona patients, Bavaria’s clinics fear an unprecedented emergency in care later this year. According to the Bavarian Hospital Association, the relocation of Kovit intensive care patients to other federal states can only provide a short-term solution. “All forecasts indicate that the number of patients will continue to rise and that Bavaria will not have sufficient intensive care skills,” said Roland Enghausen, managing director of the German newspaper BKG. “Currently the extreme skills in the north can only help us for a few weeks because the aggression there is increasing.”

Due to the heavy load of Bavarian clinics, preparations are currently underway to transfer about 50 patients to other federal states. But there are currently a double-digit number of extra-intensive care patients admitted to clinics in Bavaria, up from 40 on Wednesday alone. “We need to reduce the number of new victims in Bavaria,” Engehousen said. Otherwise, between Christmas and New Year, we end up in a play that has never happened before.

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7:59 am – Goring-Accord begs for compulsory vaccination

Katherine Goring-Accord, co-chair of the Greens in Bundestock, recommends a mandatory vaccination. It does not help now. “But she will help us later,” he tells ARD. Mandatory vaccination is a difficult process. “I’m not scared about that.” The 2G and 3G rules currently help against the corona wave. For example, it is shown Snakes Vaccination options are very lengthy.

06:41 am – Pharmacists Association: Corona Rapid Tests Over

Once the new corona rules come into force, corona rapid tests in Germany will become rare. “With the new Infectious Disease Protection Act, the demand for free citizen tests and self-examinations in pharmacies erupted on Wednesday,” said Thomas Breece, president of the Northern Rhine Pharmacists’ Association, “The Rhine Post” (Thursday edition): “Delivery time is increasing day by day.”

The president of the association attributed this to the growing demand for tests across Europe as the number of corona infections increased. In Germany, for example, physicians’ practices and healthcare providers now have to test their staff on a daily basis. There are also problems with the supply chain: “Almost all quick tests come from China. If the goods are in Germany, customs will be a barrier, ”Breeze said. “Until we know for sure if we can meet the increased demand for trials” is still a few weeks away.

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05:11 am – Herman for compulsory vaccination – “The majority decides in a democracy”

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herman (CSU) has spoken out in support of the general compulsory vaccination – under one specific condition: “If we can not achieve the required immunization quota on a voluntary basis, compulsory vaccination is by far the only option.” Minister of the “New Osnabrookers Newspaper” (NOZ).

He added: “Looking back on my childhood, parents were forced to confront their children. Greatness And Poliomyelitis To be vaccinated. There were critics then, but they eventually accepted the need. Even in corona epidemics, the minority will eventually have to bow to the majority.

03:31 am – Corona in prison – Inspiration begins

Booster vaccinations against the corona virus have already been launched for staff and inmates at prisons in the Rhineland-Palatinate. So far, six people, four staff and two inmates have been elevated to reform facilities, said Christophe Burmister Mines, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice. Many of the 2,000 employees received a third injection of the corona virus at the doctor or at resuscitated vaccination centers.

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Professor Christine Polk

A total of 7644 needles were placed behind the walls against the corona virus. This includes 3630 first vaccinations – for 1372 prisoners and 2258 staff. In addition, there were 4,008 follow-up or single vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson: 1,851 inmates and 2,157 prison staff.

02:01 am – The employer is open to compulsory vaccination

In view of the increasing corona infections, the employer’s chairman Rainer Tulker is open to the need for a common vaccine. “We have relied on dialogue and trust. Therefore, the legal vaccine is always the second best solution, but it should not be ruled out from the outset,” says Tulker of the Rhine Post newspaper.

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Top Ambience (from left): Annalena Barbach, Robert Hebeck (both Greens), Olaf Scholes (SPD), Christian Lindner (FDP)

“For employees working with particularly vulnerable groups of people, the desire to be vaccinated is a sign of a sense of duty and concern for fellow human beings, but also in hospitals for affected groups such as the elderly or the severely ill.”

00:15 – Because: Lower Saxony’s reluctance helps

According to Prime Minister Stephen Weil, Lower Saxony’s mental illness is a benefit. The SPD politician of the “Franவீois Zeitung” said that the strict corona rules could help “with a certain caution in Lower Saxony, with tested caution”. “Some reluctance of Lower Saxony’s close collaboration is sometimes mocked, but it has paid off in epidemics.”

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However, in Lower Saxony, if corona growth continues unabated, there is a risk of further restrictions on public life next week. A new, tight corona state decree went into effect Wednesday. In an interview, Weil confirmed that he would “definitely consider” compulsory vaccination under certain conditions: “In the next few weeks, especially in hotspots, I’m in favor of a general vaccine if it does not have significant side effects for those who have not been vaccinated.” Weil is prohibited, but such an obligation to vaccinate must be borne in court as well.

00:00 – Stark-Watsinger, Minister of Education appointed against school closures

Appointed federal education minister Pettina Stark-Watsinger (FDP) speaks out against closing schools despite the rising Corona epidemic. On “Built Live”, Stark-Watsinger says: “We are in favor of not closing schools.

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Andreas Rosenfelder

Wherever we have government responsibility as liberals, we will not do that because we hope that students will not experience the lack of education again now.

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