January 28, 2023

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Corona: The end of the need for a mask in Bavaria? Holetzek takes a stand

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Even if the corona numbers fall: Germany’s number one hotspot is currently in Bavaria. Events in Munich are constant and low. All messages in the ticker.

  • The city of Swineford has the highest number of events throughout Germany (See update from June 14, 5.58am).
  • Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holtzek (CSU) expressed his concern about the elimination of the need for masks in general. (See update from 7:08 pm on June 13)
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Update June 14, 5.58 am: The seven-day event in Bavaria is down slightly to 20.1. According to RKI, it was 20.6 the previous day. The No. 1 hotspot in Germany is Swinford with a value of 82.4 (previous day; 86.1). Lindau District is in second place (72.0 / previous day: 73.2). The districts of Gonsburg (52.0), Kronach (47.9) and Ansburg (47.8) rank sixth, ninth and tenth, respectively.

Events in the state capital are constant and low. As for Munich, RKI recorded a value of 18.1 on Monday. On Sunday it was given as 18.3. Saturday was still 20.

Corona in Bavaria: Is mask demand declining? Holetzek is cautious in PR

Update from June 13 until 7:08 pm: Corona infections are declining The temperature will rise. This leads to a debate about the need for masks in Germany. There will always be votes for abolition, but Bavaria’s health minister is wary. Klaus Holtzek (CSU) spoke with the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation about the new debate. All corona operations are constantly re-evaluated in Bavaria, so requests from Berlin are not required. Earlier, Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) called for a reconsideration of the move.

Holetzek expressed understanding to all who yearned for more relaxation. However, the minister said one was not “competing for more bids”. “Exterior areas should definitely be evaluated differently than those inside,” says Holetzek, who agreed that each situation should always be viewed separately.

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Corona virus: Bavaria’s seven-day event 20.6 – Hotspots are in the free state

Update from June 13, 8:05 p.m. The seven-day event in Bavaria is 20.6. It is based on Robert Koch company figures (up to 3.11am). The previous day’s value was 22. Germany’s Corona hotspots, meanwhile, are in Bavaria: RKI reports 86.1 incidents to the city of Swineford. Lindau District is in second place (73.2) – see update from June 12. 3:02 p.m. Ansbok (52.6) and Gonsburg District (48.0) are seventh and tenth respectively. In contrast, the value in the state capital remains low: RKI stands at 18.3 for Munich. The day before that it was 20.

Update from 5.46pm on June 12: The Rh -ne-Grன்fenfeld County in Lower Franconia does not require a mask to be worn on or off the site. However, the Lower Franconia government is thwarting plans. She refused the request. The district announced Saturday. This means that the requirement for the mask will continue to apply from Monday, a spokesman said.

High temperatures and regular corona tests can make wearing a mask obsolete

District Administrator Thomas Heberman (CSU) justified the request with consistent, low event values ​​in his region. RKI delivered 8.8 events to the Rh -ne-Grன்fenfeld County on Saturday. In addition, students have routine tests, Heberman says. Summer temperatures are an additional burden for children with masks.

Like Heberman, free-voting politicians see this. Education Minister Michael Piazzo also wants to avoid the need for masks as the number is declining. Like his party leader Hubert Ivankar. The FW boss outlined it again Saturday. However, coalition partner CSU has not yet taken any action to change anything in control.

June 12, 3:02 p.m. Despite the fall in corona numbers in the independent state (see original report), one area is currently of concern to the independent state: with a current value of 75.6, the Lindau district is the place with the highest number of events in Germany.

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Corona in Bavaria: Lindau district with the highest number in Germany – no epidemic in schools

Meanwhile, the District of Constance Lake has announced that there is no “contagious” infectious process. “This is limited to some known explosions in family associations and (seven) asylum seekers’ shelters,” a statement said Friday.

There are no epidemics in schools, “but these are individual cases that can be isolated at an early stage”. The second German-scale hotspot is in Swinford, Bavaria. The Saturday event here is 74.9.

First Report from June 12, 1.30pm: Munich – Events in the independent state are not currently making great progress. It is still volatile at 20 value. Today, Saturday morning, the RKI reported a 22 infection rate for Bavaria. For comparison: on Friday, June 11, it was 21.9, and on Thursday, June 10, it was 22. A total of 17 deaths related to this Corona virus * Recorded.

Corona: Events in Munich Below Bavarian Average – Digital Vaccine Pass Begins

The situation is similar in the Bavarian capital: with a value of 20 (previous day 20.1), Munich is below countrywide events.

More point Corona vaccine * Things are moving forward: starting next week, digital vaccination certificates will be gradually available, including at pharmacies. Bavaria’s health minister, Klaus Holtsek, believes it’s possible to start a bump. “There may be a problem or another problem in the process. There will always be mistakes. You will not make any mistake unless you do something,” the CSU politician told the newspaper. “Main-Echo”.

When it comes to the digital evidence for the vaccine, there are different groups. Holetzek: “Anyone who has been vaccinated at vaccination centers,
Will now receive the required certificate directly. Technical prerequisites are given. “

Corona in Bavaria: Digital Vaccine Pass – “Everyone should get certified quickly and easily”

Those who have already been vaccinated at a vaccination center should access the certificate via the “Pemco’s sister website” (Bavarian Vaccine Portal). For everyone else, this route has to go through hotlines, pharmacies and doctors’ offices. “Our claim: Everyone can get the certificate quickly and easily to upload in two applications in the Cow Pass or Corona Alert app,” the health minister stressed.

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Digital Vaccine Pass or Not: The yellow vaccine manual is valid anyway. “My 89-year-old mother could never digitally register for the vaccine – I did it for her, like many older relatives in the free state,” Holetzek said.

With videos in 20 languages, the Bavarian state government also wants to educate those in Germany who do not have enough knowledge about the importance of vaccines.

Corona in Bavaria: Videos in 20 languages ​​are required to provide information about the vaccine

“Usually there is no fundamental doubt about a vaccine. Often it is a question of a language barrier,” said Bavarian Coordinating Officer Gudrun Brandel-Fischer in Munich on Friday. “People still need less information.

Despite the growing success of the nationwide vaccination campaign, the Coordinating Officer sees great challenges for individual community groups: “We want to take everyone with us to this campaign. That’s why we regularly add new languages ​​to our #V vaccine Ambassador section. Thai, Vietnamese and deaf version included. “

Corona vaccine: Video campaign with 27 clips in 20 languages

The video campaign has been running since the beginning of May. In the clips, people advertise the corona vaccine with short videos of themselves shooting themselves in different languages ​​and tongues. Sometimes 27 videos are available in 20 languages. More to follow. They are available on the Coordinating Officer’s YouTube channel.

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