February 1, 2023

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Corona: The United States wants to donate 500 million vaccines to poor countries

It was a few hours ago Joe Biden The first notes were made, and now the first details of the US vaccination program for the world have already been leaked: according to a media report, the country wants to buy 500 million vaccines from Biotech / Pfizer to make them available to other countries. It will be addressed by US President Joe Biden at the G7 summit starting on Friday England The Washington Post and the New York Times report. Accordingly, the vaccine is expected to be distributed to about 100 countries in the next two years. Biden will meet soon for his first overseas trip Europe a.

In comparison, vaccination campaigns are taking place at very different speeds in individual countries of the world. In United States Of the approximately 330 million people, more than 171.7 million have already received at least one vaccine. More than 140.4 million people are fully vaccinated.

The U.S. government has so far promised to share 80 million vaccines with other states by the end of June. Last week the White House released details of the distribution of the first 25 million cans. At least 75 percent of these, under 19 million doses, should therefore be administered through the Kovacs vaccination program. The U.S. government wants to sell the remaining 25 percent, about 6 million cans, directly to neighboring countries Canada And Mexico As In that event And South Korea.

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