December 10, 2022

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Corona: The woman gets sick – and then she makes the disgusting discovery

The iconic image shows a person holding their nose.  This was recorded on June 11, 2013.

The stench came after a woman contracted a corona infection.

Loss of taste and loss of smell are two possible side effects after coronavirus. But as a young Swiss woman has now discovered – there is less common damage.

That must be scary. Last July, the son of Stephanie Odienosan from Switzerland came home from school with a cold. The 35-year-old said he wanted to act cautiously, examining himself and his son. Diagnosis: Corona.

The bad days continued. The Swiss woman told Flick: “I was very vulnerable because I was not vaccinated at the time. I could not take it and I had shortness of breath. This is not a normal fever as many people think. ”Also, she had a severe headache, high fever and leg pain.

Corona: The woman is doing disgusting harm

She also lost the sense of smell and taste. After a month everything seemed to be fine. But two months ago there was another side effect of the disease, which doctors describe with the word “cogosmia”. It’s a kind of bad smell. Patients feel completely normal odor unpleasant.

“Almost everything stinks,” Stephanie describes her illness. So everything started to “stink badly,” the 35-year-old said.View“At first she thought the disinfectant was the cause. But it wasn’t.

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Corona: Doctors give a little hope

“I can no longer eat meat, fruits or vegetables. Not until today,” Stephanie sighed. Said the old man.

Her doctors say it is not clear if she will ever smell normal again. An article in Deutsches rzteblatt on the subject states: “It is not clear whether alfactory disorders with COVID-19 persist or are completely reversible. However, with a normal fever, it can take three to twelve months for the sense of smell to return.