December 2, 2022

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Corona ticker: Poland does not want to take more vaccine doses

7.10 pm: Poland no longer wants to take corona vaccine

Faced with a mountain of unused vaccine doses, Poland no longer wants to take any vaccines. His country told the EU and pharmaceutical company Pfizer last weekend that it was refusing deliveries and payments, citing the hardship section, Health Minister Adam Nidzilsky told TVN24 news channel on Tuesday.

According to him, Poland’s request has already provoked a legal battle. At the same time, he said the EU had signed agreements with vaccine manufacturers but was not directly involved in the Polish agreement.

According to the minister, there are still 25 million unused vaccine doses in his country, while 67 to 70 million doses have already been ordered. According to the Ministry of Health, of the 38 million poles, 51 percent have been fully vaccinated and 59 percent have received a single dose. Moreover, the vaccination rate has dropped dramatically in recent years.

12.41 pm: Finnish President Ninisto is confirmed to have a corona infection.

Finnish President Sauli Ninistov has been infected with the corona virus. The 73-year-old was temporarily isolated after a positive test on Tuesday, his office in Helsinki said. Despite the infection, Ninisto is functioning well and can continue to work. However, a visit to neighboring Norway scheduled for Thursday and Friday has been postponed.

10.18 am: Johnson confronts Parliament on party issue

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to confront MPs over the issue of illegal locking parties on Tuesday afternoon. This is the first time the Conservative prime minister has appeared in parliament in London since being fined for attending a party last week. According to media reports, more could follow.

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Although Johnson is expected to apologize for violating the law, he will continue to say he was unaware of the crime at the time. In addition, he tries to underestimate the problem by considering the Ukraine crisis and new plans for asylum policy.

Opposition politicians have accused Johnson of lying to parliament. Are being urged to resign. The Tory politician repeatedly stated that he did not notice the violation of the rules and openly rejected them. It was later revealed that he himself had attended several meetings in question. His wife Gary Johnson and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak also received sentencing orders.

Johnson accepts the sentence, Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis told Sky News Tuesday morning. “But that’s not what he said in parliament at the time was wrong,” Lewis continued. He compared the penalty order to the penalty for speeding.

Emily Thornberry, a legal expert in the opposition Labor Party, called Johnson a liar and called on his party colleagues to lead a referendum on the prime minister’s future. A no-confidence vote against Johnson in his own party is considered unlikely. However, according to media reports, deputies may appoint a parliamentary committee to investigate whether Johnson lied in parliament.

9:43 am: Corona wave in Shanghai: 7 more people are reported dead

At the Corona wave in Shanghai, seven more deaths were reported in connection with Govt 19 infections. According to state media, patients between the ages of 60 and 101 are patients with previous illnesses, officials said Tuesday. After being admitted to the hospital, his health deteriorated significantly. The day before, authorities had already announced that a three-year-old patient had died of a corona virus from a previous illness.

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The eastern Chinese port city has been at the center of the largest corona eruption in China since the outbreak began two years ago. There has been extensive locking in Shanghai since the end of March. Most of the 26 million people are not allowed to leave their homes. Nevertheless, there are about 20,000 new infections every day, but mostly asymptomatic. As of this week, no deaths have been reported in Shanghai.

The Beijing Health Commission on Tuesday registered more than 20,000 new infections, most of them in Shanghai. Anyone affected should go to one of the isolated camps set up temporarily for tens of thousands in China.

China follows a rigorous zero-Govt strategy that will be severely tested with the advent of Omicron BA.2. Health Minister Mao Zedong has warned that the most populous country should adopt the zero Govt strategy. He refused to relax. In an article in the party’s university journal, the minister challenged the “false” idea that he could live with the virus. Big eruptions must be prevented and hard-won victories in the fight against the epidemic must be preserved.

5:20 a.m .: Lotterbach was criticized for his “killer variant” report

Federal Health Minister Carl Lauterbach (SPD) is with His warning about the “killer variant” of the threatening corona virus in the fall Met with criticism. Virologist Hendrik Streak told the “Built” newspaper that it was “impossible” to be as contagious as Omigran and as dangerous as Delta, but “not a ‘killer variant’ by any means”. The high immunity rate in Germany is contrary to Lauterbach’s forecast.

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Divi board member Stephen Glck told the Funky media team that it was “undeniable that the types that make people seriously ill will return in the fall.” However, according to Cluj, it is inappropriate to describe a corona mutant as a “killer variant”. FDP health expert Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus said he did not think it was worthwhile to now discuss the possibility of a more serious viral variant.

5:11 am: Nationwide seven-day incidence drops to 669.9 – 22,483 new infections

New coronaviruses have dropped significantly again in seven days nationwide. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the value is now 669.9. Yesterday it was 808.8, a week ago it was 1,080.0. However, the RKI has been pointing out for several days that fewer tests are being carried out than at other times due to the Easter holidays and holidays and that fewer cases of infection are being recorded and spread. The number of new infections reported within 24 hours was 22,483 – 20,482 yesterday and 162,790 a week ago. The total number of cases reported since the onset of the corona epidemic in Germany has increased to 23,459,628.

According to the RKI, seven more deaths related to the corona virus have been reported within 24 hours. The total number of corona deaths recorded in Germany has risen to 132,960.